Season 6 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Nov 29, 2018

Season 6 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Pass Challenges

Build Structures (0/250)

Building structures is just a matter of farming up mats and using them. For experienced players, this challenge can probably be completed in a few games, considering the amount of building that most people end up doing in build fights.

For newer players, here’s a few tips:

  • When getting into engagements, being able to place a wall between you and your enemy is a great way to buy time and protect yourself from taking damage
  • If someone starts shooting at you and you have no idea where from, surrounding yourself with walls will help block damage and help you identify where the shots are coming from
    • Placing a ramp in the center will allow you to peek back out over your walls to return fire
  • A lot of players coming in from other FPS games will instinctively try to return fire while out in the open
    • Instead, you always want to make sure you can build some cover before returning fire, so try to make sure you have some materials on hand
  • For finding materials, objects like furniture in houses, trees, fences, and wooden pallets give good amounts of materials per pickaxe swing, so make sure you hit stuff while you’re looting up or rotating!

Visit a Viking ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus (0/3)

This is an extremely simple challenge - you’ll just have to visit these places on the map. We’ve marked their locations for you here:

Some notes:

  • Viking Village is a great landing spot and tends to have a handful of people who land there, so if you’re planning on visiting the Viking Ship consider looting up the area too
  • For the camel, there’s a small settlement to the east people refer to as West World
    • This location has a nutty amount of chest spawns for somewhere that’s so compact and that’s unnamed
    • A good idea is to land at West World and the rotate to the camel after looting up
  • The crashed battle bus is somewhere between Motel (unnamed place of interest to the northwest) and Lazy Links
    • Both areas have a decent amount of loot, although Lazy Links can be quite dangerous due to how spread out the loot is
    • Like the camel, it might be a better idea to land elsewhere before rotating to the battle bus

Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (0/7) (HARD)

Here are maps for both locations:

Epic has given the option of going to two locations with lots of chest spawns to spread out the volume of people, but Tilted is a crapshoot whether or not you survive the landing anyway. To complete the challenge, we would suggest picking a chest spawn in either map shown above, and gunning straight for it. 

You might have more luck opening a second or third chest if you survive the landing in Paradise Palms than in Tilted Towers, but you're likely going to have to play more than a few games to finish this challenge. Generally speaking, the fastest way to complete this challenge is to just open as many chests as you can in one life and die, and queue for a new lobby.

Battle Pass Challenges

Place Mounted Turrets in different matches (0/3)

This is an image of the infamous mounted turret. They’re quite common despite being of legendary rarity, and all you have to do is find and place them down on a floor.

The challenge requires you to place 3 across different matches, so you’ll probably have to play a few matches to complete it, but it shouldn’t take too long. Since the mounted turrets are still a common find, you ought to be able to find and place one if you survive for a few minutes in each game.

Stage 1 - 5: Land at ___________ (0/1)

You don’t really need tips for this challenge, just land at the specific location for each stage. Here are the following stages:

Stage 1: Lazy Links

Stage 2: Snobby Shores

Stage 3: Lucky Landing

Stage 4: Lonely Lodge

Stage 5: Salty Springs

Salty Springs and Lazy Links might be the toughest drops to survive, as they tend to get a good amount of traffic. Otherwise, this is an extremely straightforward challenge. 

Complete vehicle timed trials (3) (HARD)

This is a fairly simple challenge - you'll require a vehicle for these trials, but there's a vehicle spawn nearby most of the challenge locations. Here's a map (we'll update with more locations as they become available):

And a video of what the challenge might look like:

Stage 1 - 3: _________ Elimination (0/1) (HARD) 

Stage 1: Shotgun

  • These are all your options for shotguns
  • Getting a single Shotgun elimination is as simple as landing on a pump and headshotting the person closest to you. 
  • With the v6.31 balance changes to shotguns, they’re extremely reliable at doing huge chunks of damage, with a point blank headshot with a Blue Pump doing 200 damage
  • If you have trouble with aiming accurately on the first go, a Tactical Shotgun will be much easier for you to use and getting that elimination
  • Shotguns have decent range, so don't be afraid to use it from a middling distance as well - you can still get a 40-60 damage chunk from quite far away

Stage 2: Assault Rifle

  • Getting an Assault Rifle elimination isn't too difficult either, although not as simple as getting a shotgun elimination since it'll likely take a few more shots.
  • The Automatic and Burst ARs are your best bet for getting eliminations, as they have the potential to do a really high amount of DPS in a matter of seconds, especially if you land headshots
  • Standing still and making use of first shot accuracy in long range fights is really important, but be ready to crouch or duck behind cover after 
  • Spraydowns are quite easy to do at medium range as well - remember to control your crosshair and track you opponent

Stage 3: Pistol

  • Pistols are the toughest to use for this challenge, as their usefulness tends to dwindle as the game goes on
  • They tend to be outclassed by other weapons in most other scenarios, but they can still pack a punch with the right aim
  • The Hand Cannon is a great weapon to use with a Pump as it's able to one shot any Wooden structure and freshly placed structures of any material
    • You'll be able to swap between both weapons too, it'll just require you to aim a bit more
    • It also has great headshot damage at far range
  • The other pistols are better for spraying and praying, as if you click fast enough you can get some lucky headshots and kill your target before they have a chance to react

Hunting Party Challenge

Here’s the Week 10 loading screen:

A closer look:

shows coordinates and a spray underneath it, which might be the reward for the Week 10 load screen. We can assume that the location of the reward is at the center of the 4 grid squares shown

Here’s the location marked on the map: 

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