Season 6 Week 2 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Oct 04, 2018

Season 6 Week 2 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide


Visit all of the Corrupted Areas (0 / 7)

This is an extremely simple challenge. You simply have to visit all 7 of these points on the map.  

There’s a couple strategies you can employ for this:

  • You can either try to hit as many areas in the same game - they’re close enough that it’s very easy to visit at least two Corrupted Areas in the same game, and possibly four or five depending on how the circle goes
    • You can use an ATK, Shadow Stones, and rifts to speed up this process
  • The other strategy would be to drop at the stone, kill yourself, and then requeue into a lobby 7 times
    • This way is more efficient, but will damage your K/D ratio and win % stats if you care particularly for them

Use a Shadow Stone in different matches (0 / 3)

These are Shadow Stones, and can be consumed like Apples or Mushrooms. They spawn in the Corrupted Areas that you’ll have to visit in the challenge above. Consuming one turns you into a wraith as shown in this Tweet:


Some notes:

  • If you stand still while in wraith form, you’ll be invisible
  • Left-clicking (or primary fire) will cause you to dash forward
  • Gravity is weakened for you while you’re in wraith form
  • Holding right click (or your scope button) will let you cancel the effect early

To complete this challenge, just consume one of these Stones every time you visit a Corrupted Area.

Stage x: Deal damage with ___________ to opponents (HARD) 

Stage 1: Standard Assault Rifles (0 / 200)

Stage 2: Burst Assault Rifles (0 / 200)

Stage 3: Silenced Assault Rifles (0 / 200)

(we'll update with an image of the Suppressed AR asap)

These are your “Standard Assault Rifles”, which rules out the burst, scoped, and suppressed versions. These are generally some of the most versatile weapons in the game and are quite easy to find. Dealing damage with them is very easy, all you have to do is point and click most of the time.

Be careful of fighting in close quarters using them though, because Shotguns and SMGs perform better in those situations.

These are your Burst Assault Rifles, and they're honestly quite similar to use compared to standard ones after a slew of buffs. They are worse at destroying structures, but you can easily kill or seriously damage enemies in one burst. The important thing to note is that you should pull down slightly on your mouse after shooting, as it'll counteract the physical recoil on the gun and increase your odds of hitting multiple shots within the burst. You can also swap between these guns to have a faster rate of fire.

The Suppressed Assault Rifle was added to the game recently. Refer to the above paragraph on using the standard AR.

If you really need help learning to aim, you can check out this video:


Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (0 / 1)

For this challenge, you want an item that can be accurate at a decently long distance. The distance to the wall is what 50m looks like in game.

The following weapons are all great options for completing this challenge:

They’ve been listed in order (left to right, top to bottom) based off their effectiveness at getting kills at long ranges. 

  • Snipers are absolutely deadly as landing a single shot can often mean taking out all of an enemy’s shield, with headshots often meaning an instant kill.
  • Scoped ARs and Semi-Automatic Snipers are the next best due to them making it a lot easier to land long range shots
  • ARs are your next best option due to them doing decent damage at long range, coupled with first shot accuracy
    • Suppressed ARs are great as well
  • The Hand Cannon and Suppressed Pistol are the last options you have, although they are a lot less reliable than the rest of your other options. 
    • Their damage falloff distance is a lot shorter than the ARs
    • You need very good aim to land long-range shots with them

Other tips for completing this challenge:

  • If you see someone running a far distance away, don’t just immediately open fire
    • It’s always good to see how they’re moving so you can aim and predict their future movement so you can land those shots
  • Using Sniper Rifles takes practice
    • There’s no way to get a feel for the projectile without taking the time to just practice landing shots with it
  • Don’t bother thinking too much about getting a at specifically 50m
    • If you see someone far away, just try to line up your shot and get the kill

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (0 / 500)

These are your available options for this challenge. Pistols are effective close - medium range weapons, although they tend to pale in comparison to Shotguns and SMGs at close range, and ARs at medium-long range. 

Tips on using pistols:

  • If you’re being pushed, aim at their head and click as quickly as possible
    • The fire rate is fast enough that you can get a quick kill through a double-headshot and a body shot
  • If you’re at a distance and your enemy isn’t looking at you, line up your fire and try to get a headshot
    • A Hand Cannon headshot does huge amounts of damage and can easily get you a kill
    • With the Suppressed Pistol and regular Pistol, you want to fire a few shots, instead of just one because the first few can be quite accurate
      • If you’re lucky, you can get a double headshot and really wound your enemy
  • The Dual Pistols are just really inaccurate in general and can only really be used in close ranges
    • However, spraying and praying with them can be quite effective and landing a double headshot with them can do huge amounts of damage too

SMG Eliminations (HARD) (0 / 3)

These are your two options for SMGs after the Drum Gun and Suppressed SMG got vaulted. SMGs are great close range weapons and are generally some of the most deadly weapons in Fortnite.

The best way to get eliminations is to have both a shotgun and SMG:

  • What you would do is open up the fight by taking a shotgun shot at whoever you’re fighting, and then swap immediately to your SMG
    • Once you swap, you want to spray down the rest of their health as best as possible
  • This combination tends to be one of the fastest kills you can get at close ranges in the game, so take this opportunity to get good at it

Stage x: Deal damage with ___________ to opponents 

Stage 1: Hunting Rifles (0 / 200)

Stage 2: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles (0 / 200)

Stage 3: Heavy Sniper Rifles (0 / 200)

Here is a general guide to using Sniper Rifles in Fortnite:

Other notes on using these:

  • Getting a headshot with any of these weapons will complete the challenge
  • Hunting Rifle:
    • The Hunting Rifle functions as a Sniper Rifle although without a scope. It’s much easier to use than a Bolt-Action or Heavy as it has a much faster reload, and the iron sights make it so that it’s harder for others to get the jump on you. 
    • Using the Hunting Rifle is a matter of making sure you stand still while taking your shot, or else it messes up the accuracy of the weapon greatly. However, you want to either be under cover or moving at all other times or else you risk getting sniped yourself. 
    • Lastly, its accuracy while not scoping is reasonable for a Sniper Rifle, so if you really want to go for a trick shot, the Hunting Rifle is great for it.
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle:
    • The projectile dropoff on this weapon is extremely negligible, and for most conventional distances you would not have to account very much for it at all
    • Body shots do 150+ damage on this weapon. Landing any shot at all will severely wound your target and force them to play defensively.

Hunting Party Challenge

Here's the loading screen for this week:

On one of the trees, you can see a faint marking showing a banner of sort pointing to the stage coach in Paradise Palms. You can find the coach here as marked on this map, where you ought to be able to find an unlockable banner:

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