Season 6 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Oct 11, 2018

Season 6 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Revive a player in different matches (0/5)

The hardest part of this challenge will be finding a teammate to revive. Keep in mind that you must revive a player in five different matches, meaning only one revive per match will count. That said, there a couple of easy ways to find and safely revive downed teammates. 

The first way is to play duos or squads with your friends (or friendly randoms) and intentionally down and revive each other. Take turns downing yourself from fall damage and having a friend revive you. Again, you’ll have to do this five times, but this is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to complete it.

The second option is joining a 50v50 match and looking for a downed teammate to revive. Look for downed teammates that are still relatively close to your team, meaning they were probably downed from a distance with a sniper or AR. Once you find a teammate under no immediate threat, build a 1x1 around them for safety and get that revive!

Of course, just playing duos or squads normally will also give you opportunities to revive.  It does, however, tend to be a little more difficult to get revives in these situations. Many times, the enemy team will push you after downing one of your teammates, leaving no time to revive them. 

Stage X: Search a chest in ______________ (0/1)


As long as you know where the chests spawn in each location, this challenge is pretty simple. To complete each stage, we recommend landing at the location in the beginning of the match, so all the chests are still available and unopened. Then, just pick out a chest spawn from the maps below and try to land directly on that chest. 

When you’re gliding down, it doesn’t hurt to scout your surroundings for anybody landing the in the same spot. For an in-depth explanation on how to land first and secure loot before your opponents, check out our video guide on YouTube.

Here are the chest spawn locations maps for each stage:

Stage 1: Lonely Lodge

Stage 2: Retail Row

Stage 3: Snobby Shores

Stage 4: Fatal Fields

Stage 5: Pleasant Park

Damage Trap Elimination (HARD) (0/1)

This challenge requires you to get one elimination with a damage trap. If you're not accustomed to using damage traps in the middle of combat, it may be hard to complete this challenge normally. 

An easy way to get a trap elimination is using a damage trap to eliminate a downed opponent. Wait for an enemy to go down, trap them in a box, and place a damage trap on the wall. Limited-time modes are a great way to make this even easier.

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage X: Visit __________ and ____________ in a single match (0/2)

This challenge is pretty straightforward. Each stage requires you to visit two locations in a single match. The locations in the first stage are close by each other, so it shouldn’t be hard to just land at one and run over to the other. The rest of the stages, however, have locations that are a little farther apart and may require more planning.

Stage 1: Risky Reels and Wailing Woods

For the first stage, we would recommend landing at Wailing Woods and then running or rifting over to Risky. There is always a rift at the bottom of the underground bunker in the middle of Wailing, so aim right for that and fly over to Risky if you want to complete this stage quickly. Wailing is a good spot to land in general for looting up safely and farming materials, since there are four separate cabins and an underground bunker in the middle, all of which are separated by large trees. So, if you want to loot up and farm some materials before heading over to Risky, that shouldn't be a problem.

Stage 2: Paradise Palms and Dusty Divot

For the second stage, we would recommend landing at Paradise Palms and then rifting over to Dusty Divot. These locations are a little farther apart, but the rifts near Paradise should make it relatively easy to complete.

Stage 3: Greasy Grove to Leaky Lake

This third stage has two locations that are a little more spread out as well. For this one, we would recommend landing at Greasy first because it's closer to the edge of the map. This will give you the best chance of having a circle that allows you to get to Leaky Lake in the same game. After looting Greasy, check the side of Viking mountain near the waterfall for rifts. If you can find a rift, simply fly over to Leaky Lake and complete this stage. Otherwise, start running.

Stage 4: Lucky Landing and Tilted Towers

To complete this stage, we recommend landing at Lucky and then rifting over to Tilted. Rifts spawn east of Luck on the border of the desert area. Keep an eye out near the truck that hanging over the edge of the desert. If there are no rifts, this stage becomes much harder. If that's the case, focus on looting up and then try following the river all the way to Tilted.

Stage 5: Snobby Shores and Salty Springs

The last stage requires you to visit Snobby and Salty in a single match. We recommend landing at Snobby and then taking an ATK or rift over to Salty Springs. Snobby has multiple ATK spawns around the houses that are pretty easy to spot. Another option is to look for a rift on the Viking Village mountain. 

Hit a player with a Tomato 15m away or more

The Tomato Toy is required to complete this challenge. It can be unlocked at tier 28 of the Season 6 Battle Pass. You must throw a tomato, which can be accessed in-game as an emote, at another player and hit them from 15m away or more. For reference, 15m is equal to about three tile spaces in-game.

Here are some tips for completing this challenge:

  • Bind the tomato emote to a key or button that's easy to press
  • Hit a player in the pre-game lobby with a tomato; it still counts
  • Hitting a teammate with a tomato counts too
  • Target downed players with your tomato
  • Join 50v50 limited-time modes

Complete timed trials (HARD) (0/3)  

This challenge requires you to complete three time trials. To complete these, you need to activate the stopwatch and touch all the timers before the time ends. Listen to the audio for a good idea of how much time you have left.

The timed trials often require multiple attempts and building to reach all the timers. We recommend activating the stopwatch once just to see where all the timers, then planning out a route and building any necessary ramps or floors. Mobility items like the Grappler and vehicles like ATKs can help a ton with reaching all the timers before the clock runs out!

Here's a map of timed trial locations:

Here's a video of completing the timed trials in-game:

Eliminate an opponent in different matches (HARD) (0/10)


This last challenge will be time-consuming more than anything else. It requires you to get one elimination in ten different matches, meaning it will take even the best players at least ten matches to complete.

Here are some tips for getting easy eliminations:

  • Third-party other players/teams that are fighting
    • They will likely be too busy fighting each other to focus on you
    • Most times their health will be low after damaging each other
    • Shoot out the structure’s base if they are in a massive build fight
    • Go in to eliminate the winner of the fight while they are still healing up
  • Limited-time modes (50v50)
    • It is usually much easier to get kills in 50v50
      • Stick close to teammates and avoid running into swarms of enemies
      • Pick-off players that are standing still or by themselves
      • Shoot down opponents that build too high

Hunting Party Challenge

Here's the loading screen for week 3: 

If you look closely, you can see a faint battle star on the chimney of the cabin in the background. You can find that secret battle star in Wailing Woods. Here's a map of it's location:

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