Season 6 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Oct 18, 2018

Season 6 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide


Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches (HARD) (0 / 5)

The most difficult part about this challenge is finding these items as they can be a little rarer than other items. If you find one you can simply just use them and make progress towards the challenge. However, keep in mind that they're extremely useful combat tools and can really get you out of a tight situation.

NOTE: The Port-a-Fortress is currently disabled, so you'll only be able to find Port-a-Forts in game to complete this challenge.

Search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations (0 / 7)

That’s an ammo box. You’ll find these in practically every single building in the game. To complete this challenge, you only have to search one box in seven different locations. Some notes:

  • The fastest way to do this is to land at a different named location in 7 games and beeline for the closest ammo box.
    • Look on shelves, behind stairs, behind beds, etc. They’re really easy to spot
    • Afterwards you can jump off a building or let someone kill you and you can move onto the next game
  • If you just want to do this challenge as you play normally, you could try to prioritize your rotations in game to other named locations.

Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside (HARD) (0/3) 

It’s trick-or-treat time in Fortnite! This challenge requires you to ring the doorbell of houses with an opponent inside five different times. Here’s a map of every house in the game with a doorbell:

Here’s a video of what it's like to use a doorbell it in-game:

Tips on completing this challenge:

  • It will be easiest to complete this challenge at the beginning of matches when everyone is still landing and looting houses. 
  • Aim for popular landing spots with plenty of houses, like Pleasant Park or Salty Springs.
  • You can hear people within the houses even from outside the houses, so turn your volume up
    • When you hear someone inside, just run for the doorbell and hit it
  • Doorbells can break if someone uses it too much, be sure that the doorbell is working or you might be running out of position/conceding high ground to ring it needlessly
    • You can try building walls around you while ringing the doorbell if you’re that afraid of getting shot out


Stage 1-5: Land at __________ 

These are extremely simple, you just have to land at a series of locations. Enjoy the free Battle Pass stars!

Stage 1: Greasy Grove

Stage 2: Wailing Woods

Stage 3: Dusty Divot

Stage 4: Pleasant Park

Stage 5: Paradise Palms

Stage 1-3: Dance on top of a __________

These are slightly less simple than the above challenge. Here’s a map with each stage marked:

Stage 1: Clock Tower

Stage 2: Pink Tree

Stage 3: Giant Porcelain Throne

For this particular challenge, you can drop on top of the structure that you need to dance on or build up to it. It'll generally be faster to just drop on top of it and then kill yourself through fall damage then rinse and repeat for each stage since the locations will tend to bring you out of your way.

Get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries (HARD) (0/5)

This challenge requires you to visit five different shooting galleries and shoot three targets at each. Here’s a map of the Shooting Galleries in game:

Here’s a video of using the Shooting Gallery in game:

A few things you should keep in mind for this challenge:

  • You need to have a gun, meaning you’ll have to loot and then run over to a shooting gallery 
    • You probably a gun with low spread and first shot accuracy
      • Assault Rifles and Silenced Pistols should work quite well
  • You only have to hit three targets, which is really simple
    • Make sure you wait for your first shot accuracy to reset, and actually aim before you shoot
    • Certain shooting ranges are easier to hit targets than others
      • Some of them have targets surrounding you
  • If you’re worried of getting ganked, build some cover for yourself while you shoot the targets

Eliminate opponents near any of the Corrupted Areas (HARD) (0 / 3)

This is a pretty straightforward challenge as well, you just have to kill people at the corrupted areas on the map as marked here:

Landing in a corrupted area might be a bit of a risk due to the fact there is little loot to go around. However, many Corrupted Areas tend to be spots that people might rotate through. 

Some good ideas:

  • Land at a named location like Pleasant Park or Salty Springs, loot up, and rotate to the nearby Corrupted Area and try to get kills on any stragglers left in the area. 
    • You can also set up a small camp and wait for unsuspecting people moving through the area.
  • As usual, 50v50 modes tend to be quite good for finishing elimination challenges as well
  • If you’re not in a rush to finish this challenge, you can just play normally and chances are you’ll eventually get these kills over several games

Hunting Party Challenge

Here’s the loading screen for this week: 

If you look on the tombstone, there’s an unlockable banner on the back of a llama. You can find this llama near Junk Junction as marked on the map here:

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