Season 6 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Oct 25, 2018

Season 6 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs (0/5)

This is a pretty simple challenge to do. There’s Radar Signs around the entire map that track your speed as you move by them on the road. The easiest way to do this is to find an ATK/Quadcrasher and boost by the radar signs. This is what they look like:

Here’s a map for the Radar Signs:

Here's an example video:

Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK (0/5)

Here’s a map of all the flaming hoops:

Using an ATK is the easier choice between the two as you do not have to ramp up speed to jump through them. You can also cheat and build up to the hoop and drive a shopping cart through them as well. Here's a video example:

Here is a map of all the ATK spawns:

NOTE: The Quadcrasher is not a viable option for this challenge.

Stages 1-3: Deal damage with _______ to opponents (0/200) (HARD)

This challenge all deals with shotguns, which makes it extremely easy. Shotguns are amazing for racking up damage as they hit really high, requiring you to land few shots to complete these stages. 


  • With the Tact, just keep firing until your enemy is dead or builds to disengage 
    • The automatic shooting is fast enough that if you get multiple headshots (which isn't unreasonable) there's few loadouts that can really beat you
  • The Pump and Heavy are a little trickier to use because of their fire rate
    • Instead, you want to either get flick shots with them and swap to a SMG
    • You could also camp a corner (behind a door maybe?) and use right hand peeking to see people running into you
  • You only really need to land a handful of shots with each of these weapons to complete the challenge. 
    • The hardest part really is finding a Heavy Shotgun, as those are very rare finds
      • As a note, don't get overzealous when you do find one - make sure you're able to land your shots and take the fights. Getting too hypey will cause you to miss and force you to have to play longer to find the weapon again

Stage 1: Tactical Shotguns

Stage 2: Pump Shotguns

Stage 3: Heavy Shotguns

Battle Pass Challenges

Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5m away (0/2)

With the SMG, Pistol, and Shotgun challenges this week, doing this challenge isn’t very hard at all. 5m is essentially point blank, which requires you to get up close and personal with your enemies. Here are some tips:

  • Use a Shotgun + SMG pair for this
    • Nothing else in the game kills anyone up close as quickly as blasting someone in the head with a shotgun and using a SMG to follow up afterwards
    • For the purposes of this challenge, the Double Barrel is extremely powerful as well
  • Build to get close to your opponent
    • Ramp pushing and using walls to block enemy fire before you get in range is key to allowing you to survive long enough in a fight to get close enough and get your kill

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (0/500)

These are your two options. Some notes:

  • Using the SMG works best in close quarters. 
  • Usually, you would shoot your shotgun first before switching to a SMG to finish off your opponent. 
    • However, if you want to complete this as quickly as possible, you could just use the SMG and spray down the enemy entirely. 
    • The only caveat is that you’ll have to be ready to build a wall between you and your opponent to block any shotgun blasts - if your enemy hits you with a shotgun then swaps, he will usually kill you faster.

Minigun Eliminations (0/2) (HARD)

The hardest part about this challenge is pretty much just finding a Minigun - if you get lucky you might open it in a chest, but the best way to increase your odds of finding one is to open a Supply Drop or use a Vending Machine.

Here’s some tips on getting a Minigun Elimination:

  • Generally, holding the Minigun out and spraying out people who are turtling against you at point blank is the best way to get an elimination
    • The weapon shoots fast enough to shred through any kind of building, which makes it extremely powerful
  • Be careful of snipers or people lasering you from far away while you’re shooting the gun because you move slower, making you an easier target

Stages 1-3: Deal damage with ______ to opponents  (0/200) (HARD)

Pistols are a little more difficult than Shotguns to deal with, as usually most other weapons outstrip them in terms of ease of use and damage. Here's some tips to make this easier:

  • With Regular Pistols, it is almost always better to fire as quickly as possible while in close quarters
    • At a close enough range, the bloom will usually work in your favor and give you free headshots
    • Be careful of shotguns and SMGs
      • Try to block your enemy fire by building first and make them use up their ammo before you take the fight
  • With Hand Cannons, aim for those headshots
    • With recent buffs to the Hand Cannon, you can usually take out somebody or wound them severely enough that they'll have to run
    • 1 close-medium range headshot and 1 body shot is all you'll need to get 200 damage
  • The Six Shooter is extremely accurate and has a great rate of fire
    • At medium ranges, you want to aim for headshots like you would with the Hand Cannon
    • However, at close range, you can hold down your trigger and spray at your enemy
      • The fire rate like this is extremely fast and you can surprise your enemy and get a kill if you land a few shots

Stage 1: Pistols

Stage 2: Hand Cannons

Stage 3: Six Shooter

Hunting Party Challenge:

Here’s the Loading Screen you get when you complete 35 challenges this Season:

You can see the Hidden Tier in the bottom window in the above image. It’s the southwest tower as shown in (we will update this when we confirm that it is indeed the southwest tower):

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