Season 6 Week 6 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Nov 01, 2018

Season 6 Week 6 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

We're doing something new this week! Here's @squatingdog's Cheat Sheet for if you don't require any tips to complete these challenges. If you scroll down below, you'll still be able to see our full write up for this week's challenges!

Free Challenges

Place Chillers (0/3)

This is a pretty simple challenge. Chillers are of common rarity and aren’t too difficult to find. To do this challenge you simply have to find and place three of them. Here are some things you can do with Chillers if you’re looking to take advantage of their utility:

  • You can freeze your own feet and slide off a hill or ramp to move really quickly in a direction, which can be really useful for making fast rotations or disengaging other enemies
  • It’s generally tough to use the Chiller super effectively as a real trap, especially since the addition of the Glider re-deploy mechanic tends to invalidate fall damage
    • You could try setting something up something elaborate where you put a Chiller at the top of a ramp, and place some damage traps at the bottom and pray someone springs it, but this is really unlikely to work

Search a Chest in different Named Locations (0/7)

This is a really easy challenge to complete. Usually, you’ll have a guaranteed chest upon landing in any named location, and if you rotate to less popular locations like Junk Junction, Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, or Flush Factory after landing, you have a pretty decent chance of getting a second chest in the same game.

If you’re aiming to complete this challenge ASAP, just drop in a different named location every game and find a way to instantly die so you can requeue for another lobby.

Shotgun Eliminations (0/3)

These are the available shotguns in the game. Shotguns are amazing weapons in general due to how much damage that can deal in a single shot, and picking up eliminations with them is a simple matter.


  • The Double Barrel is probably the best option for getting elims, as you can easily kill someone with both shots
    • However, you have to be really close range and have good aim to 2 shot kill somebody, so it might be a bit unreliable
  • With the Tact, just keep firing until your enemy is dead or builds to disengage 
    • The automatic shooting is fast enough that if you get multiple headshots (which isn't unreasonable) there's few loadouts that can really beat you
  • The Pump and Heavy are a little trickier to use because of their fire rate
    • Instead, you want to either get flick shots with them and swap to a SMG then swap back for the elimination
    • These weapons have really solid damage and medium ranges, so don't be afraid to use them on targets 10-20m away!
  • Camping a corner (or behind a door) and use right hand peeking to see people running into you is a really good tactic for getting kills with these

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1-5: Land at Named Location (0/1)

Stage 1: Shifty Shafts

Stage 2: Risky Reels

Stage 3: Retail Row

Stage 4: Haunted Hills

Stage 5: Leaky Lake

This is another multi-stage challenge where you’ll have to land at different named locations again. This isn’t a difficult challenge to do at all, and again if you want to do this challenge quickly, just find a way to kill yourself instantly after landing.

As a note though - you might want to attempt to open a chest after landing in each stage of this challenge to make progress towards your Search 7 Chests at Different Named locations Challenge. 

Deal damage with a Pickaxe to opponents (0/250)

This challenge is more of a hassle than anything - there’s a couple of ways you can go about completing this challenge:

  • The best way is to play squads/duos/50s, down someone, and start pickaxing them for the thirst
  • If you want to get this done in solos, you’ll have the best luck landing next to a guy and instantly swinging at him - you ought to get a few hits off before someone finds a gun and kills you
    • If you’re lucky he’ll start swinging at you and you’ll both get a fair amount of damage dealt
  • Another thing you can do is land at a spot where people tend to go to to complete challenges early in the week
    • An example would be this week’s Sheet Music stands
    • Usually in the first day or two after challenges are released, there’ll be massive amounts of people landing in a compact location where you can swing away and get a lot of hits off

Stage 1-4: Find the Sheet Music and play it on Giant Pianos (0/1)

This is a multi-stage challenge where you have to find Sheet Music in a location, then play the music on a nearby piano! Here’s a picture of the music and a clip of playing the piano for an example:

These are the stages and a map with the sheet music and piano locations, marked by stages:

Stage 1 - Find Sheet Music in Pleasant Park

Stage 2 - Play the Sheet Music at the piano near Pleasant Park

Stage 3 - Find Sheet Music in Retail Row

Stage 4 - Play the Sheet Music at the piano near Retail Row

The hardest part of this challenge will be playing the full piece uninterrupted, especially for Stage 4. If you make a misstep or mistake, you'll have to start over from the beginning again. Unfortunately, there isn't really much you can do about people interrupting you, but we do have a few suggestions:

  • The Pleasant Park keyboard is quite well enclosed by the surrounding environment, and you only have to worry about other people coming from Pleasant or if they've just landed there with you
    • If you're really worried, break some trees and build some walls towards the direction of Pleasant
  • The Retail Row keyboard is a lot trickier, since people can approach you from both Retail and the Race Track, in addition to you having to play a longer piece. 
    • There's a broken house to the east of the piano with loot spawns you can visit to make this easier
      • Arming yourself will help immensely and give you a fighting chance to be able to pull the piece off
    • Try landing at the piano when the Battle Bus route doesn't go anywhere near it - that could help too
    • Visiting the piano after getting a few kills in Retail is a good way to minimize the chances other people might come gank you as well

EDIT:  We've been seeing people struggling to figure out how to do the Retail Row song because they're starting on the lower octave (the left side of the piano). The first note is the High A, which should be on the right side of the piano!  Here's a video of how to do it! 

Stage 1-5: Elimination with a different rarity Weapon (0/1)

Stage 1: Common

Stage 2: Uncommon

Stage 3: Rare

Stage 4: Epic

Stage 5: Legendary

This is just a basic elimination challenge. Between Shotguns, SMGs, and ARs, you can hit all the different rarities. These will be your best tools for the job, and there isn’t much else to say other than our standard elimination tips:

Staying alive early game is the first step to getting eliminations

  • Try landing at more remote locations for better chances of survival
  • Focus on looting up, getting shields, and farming materials before engaging opponents
  • Try not to panic when you get into a fight
    • Focus on aiming and taking good shots when you can
    • Build yourself cover so you're not a free target
    • Hold right-hand angles and use the third-person camera to help with vision

Limited-time modes like 50v50 or squads are a great way to find some easier eliminations because opponents are often focused on other players.

  • Stay close to your teammates so enemies don’t focus on you
  • Work together with teammates to eliminate enemies but try to get the final shot yourself
    • Use assault rifles to pick off unaware opponents from a safe distance
    • Shoot at enemies that are distracted fighting other players
    • Make use of first-shot accuracy to counteract bloom
      • The suppressed assault rifle is great for landing precision shots at mid-range
      • Scoped ARs are another good option for eliminating opponents from afar
        • They are unaffected by bloom and 100% accurate

Hunting Party Challenge

Here's the loading screen 

On the tree, you can see a banner on the dog-o-tron near the hero mansion. 

Here's its location on a map:

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