Season 6 Week 7 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Nov 08, 2018

Season 6 Week 7 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The Season 6 Week 7 Challenges are out, and they’re very straightforward compared to the last two weeks. Here’s @squatingdog's cheat sheet and our weekly write-up with tips and tricks to help you get those Battle Pass tiers!

Free Challenges

Search ammo boxes in a single match (0/7)

While 7 might seem like a high number, this repeat challenge is usually quite simple to do. Ammo Boxes are very plentiful in the game, with multiple spawns in practically every structure in the game. It’s very likely you’d be able to complete the challenge simply from looting all the Ammo Boxes in the spot that you land, and if you don’t, you can easily rotate to a nearby area to pick up the rest. 

Low-traffic locations such as:

  • Lucky Landing
  • Haunted Hills
  • Junk Junction
  • Flush Factory
  • Snobby Shores

Are all extremely good places to land to complete this challenge. There are a few unnamed locations on a map that are great for completing this challenge too:

  • West World, southwest of Paradise Palms
  • Viking Village, northwest of Greasy Groves
  • Containers, north of Retail Row
  • Factories, east of Flush Factory

Just pay attention to how many enemies are dropping nearby you, and keep track of how many you kill or die near you. If you don’t complete the challenge after clearing out the named location, check your map for a nearby location with buildings, and chances are you’ll be able to find the final ammo boxes there.

Deal headshot damage to opponents (0/500)

The easiest way to beat this challenge is to queue a teamed mode and headshot downed targets.

But outside of headshotting downed targets, dealing headshot damage is all a matter of aiming with any non-explosive weapon. Here’s a helpful video we’ve made if you’re looking to improve your aim:

Here’s a breakdown the different and best options for completing this challenge:

Assault Rifles

  • Assault Rifles are a staple of any loadout in the game, and with first shot accuracy they’re really great to get single-tap headshots
  • With bloom, it’s not too uncommon to get a lucky headshot while spraying at an enemy either
  • The deal with Assault Rifles is that they’re a lot more aim intensive, so getting multiple headshots to complete this challenge quickly might be a little tougher for mobile less-practiced players


  • Shotguns are one of the best weapons to complete this challenge for everyone because their aiming reticle is so large, in addition to them being generally quite accurate
  • The Pump, Heavy, and Tactical Shotgun all have decent range and damage even at medium range (getting a pump headshot for 50 on a target 10-15m away is not uncommon)
    • In addition, their close range headshots do 140+ damage meaning you won’t have to land too many to complete this challenge
  • The Double-Barrel is a tricky monster because it requires you to be really up front, but a double headshot can get you 200-300 headshot damage in a second
    • We would like to stress that it’s really a lot harder to use than the other shotties though

Sniper Rifles

  • Sniper Rifles get a mention because you literally complete the challenge with two to four headshots depending on which rifle you use
  • The issue with these rifles is that it’s a lot harder to hit a headshot
    • Thus, if you don't have too much Sniper Rifle practice, we'd suggest trying other weapons
  • The Heavy and Bolt Action can complete this with two headshots 
    • Keep in mind that a lot of players have a tendency to stand still at bad times, so if you’re feeling lucky you can carry around a sniper and get a nice shot off
    • In squad games or other team modes, headshotting a downed target with a sniper is a great way to get progress on this challenge

Hand Cannons

  • Since recent buffs, Hand Cannons are quite a solid pickup, although they might be a bit tough to fit into your loadout
  • Headshots pack anywhere from 100 to 156 damage, which makes them shockingly deadly weapons, especially considering their first shot accuracy
    • With that kind of damage, you don’t have to hit too many headshots to complete this challenge either
  • For Hand Cannons, you need to have really precise aim and be able to keep your calm, but overall they’re very good for hitting pinpoint shots

SMGs (kind of)

  • SMGs don’t do very much headshot damage at all, but due to bloom and their spread, it’s not unlikely for you to hit one or two and get significant progress towards the completion of this challenge

Stage 1 - 3: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match (0/300)

Stage 1 - Deal 300 Damage to opponents in a single match

Stage 2 -  Deal 400 Damage to opponents in a single match

Stage 3 -  Deal 500 Damage to opponents in a single match

  • As usual, dealing damage challenges are much easier in team modes where you can hit downed targets
    • For this challenge, the primary goal is to survive long enough to deal x amount of damage
    • Prioritize carrying some healing supplies so you can heal up between fights
    • Making sure you take safe shots (usually the window where an enemy isn’t looking or is reloading) and building to block damage is key to your success
    • Explosives and Sniper Rifles can really help with these challenges, as a good nade/rocket/snipe can usually mean most of the challenge's completion in one shot
    • If you have trouble aiming well enough to do damage, consult the video above!
  • 300 Damage:
    • 300 isn’t all too much, if you get a good drop at a named location and get three kills off the bat, that’s pretty much the challenge completed
    • Alternatively, if you kill 1 person and then a minute later kill a 100shield/100hp target, that’s the challenge completed as well
  • 400 Damage:
    • 400 is a bit trickier than 300, generally speaking means you'll have to kill one more person than it'd take for the 300
    • At this point, it's really about the healing supplies you have access to - it's more than likely you'll need more than a few minis to complete this challenge
  • 500 Damage:
    • This is where things get pretty difficult for the average player, as there isn't a quick and easy way to just rack up 500 damage
    • Generally, 500 damage is a bit more than just surviving your drop
      • Make sure you're not getting third partied while engaging fights
      • If you do get third partied, disengage by jumping out and redeploying your glider
    • For this, heals are so important, and you might want to use two slots for them

(thanks to @RoaringMdog and @NormisssLt for helping with this info to speed up the guide's completion)

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1 - 3: Destroy _________ 

For these challenges, it doesn't matter if you farm the mats or destroy them with a Quadcrasher or explosives. This challenge even counts the things you destroy on spawn island!

Stage 1: Destroy Trees (0/50)

  • This doesn’t really need a guide, but if you’re looking to complete this stage asap, you’ll want to farm trees that don’t take too many hits to break. 
    • There are small forests to the north of Retail Row that contain a lot of smaller trees like this
    • You’ll find a lot of them surrounding Dusty Divot as well

Stage 2: Destroy Rocks (0/25)

  • This is the same deal as the trees
    • Stonehenge is a good start
    • Umbrella (the rock quarry near Lazy Links) and the Valley to the south of Leaky Lake have a ton of rocks too

Stage 3: Destroy Cars (0/10)

  • You only need to destroy 10 cars, which you can find running along any road
    • Risky Reels has a million cars in the parking lot, so this is an amazing place to just knock out the challenge asap
    • Lucky Landing, Flush Factory, and Snobby Shores have a large amount of cars too, but you might not be able to farm 10 in one go if other people land with you

Skydive through Floating Rings, 0/20

If you’ve played in previous seasons, you’re familiar with this challenge. When dropping from the Battle Bus, you’ll find rings all over the map. You simply need to dive through the center of them when dropping. Here’s a clip:

More often than not, doing this will mess up your drop for any named location, so be prepared to have a backup location to glide to if you’ll arrive at your intended destination late.

Stage 1 - 4: Gain Health via various means

Remember that you need to have lost health in order to use heals. If you need to take damage, the best way to do this is to build up 5 units high and jump down to take fall damage, or use a stink bomb on yourself.

Stage 1: Consume Apples (0/5)

  • Apples spawn on the ground near Apple Trees or on trees themselves
    • Apple Trees look a little like these:

  • You’ll find spawns in Salty Springs, Retail Row, and in a lot of the greenery in the surrounding areas

Stage 2: Gain Health using Bandages (0/60)

  • This is pretty simple as well, you'll only need to use 4 bandages to complete the challenge
    • Finding one stack and taking some fall damage via the above method is good enough for this!

Stage 3: Gain Health using Med Kits (0/100)

  • This one's more annoying since you'll need to use at least two med kits to complete this challenge
  • It's the same deal as the others, but if you're aiming to complete it ASAP, then you ought to be proactive with using the med kits as soon as you find them

Stage 4: Gain Health using Slurp Juice (0/50)

  • The hardest part of this is finding Slurp Juice as they're a bit rare
  • Otherwise, just take some fall damage/lose some health in a fight and Slurp one up!

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park 0/3

We haven’t seen a challenge like this in a while! Here’s the treasure chest spawn map for Pleasant Park:

Some tips for landing at Pleasant:

  • Avoid landing at the Gas Station or the single house to the north, as they tend to be quite devoid of loot
  • Most houses have treasure chest spawns in the ceilings 
    • If you don’t hear one when you land, you next fastest route to a gun is to jump down and look for one on the first floor
    • If you hear someone already there, then bust through the roof anyway and try to nab a gun in a room on the second floor
  • Most people tend to use houses as high ground for scouting, so running out into the middle of Pleasant Park is very likely to attract attention
    • Unless you’ve farmed up some mats, be careful of rotating through the center of park - stick to the edges of it instead

Hunting Party Challenge

Here is the Week 7 Loading Screen:

You can see a Battle Pass tier floating on the right side of the image on top of a boat. You can find the tier after completing 7 weeks worth of challenges on that boat here:

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