Season 6 Week 8 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Nov 15, 2018

Season 6 Week 8 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The week 8 challenges are now out, with many of them being rotation based. However, there are a couple challenges like the Pigeon Shooting and Fish Statues that might require some help. As usual, here's @squatingdog's cheat sheet with our regular write-up beneath it!

Free Challenges

Stage 1 - 5: Visit _______ and ________ in a single match (0/2)

Stage 1 - Retail Row and Lonely Lodge

  • These locations are extremely nearby each other, so making the rotation won’t be too difficult at all
    • Retail Row and Lonely Lodge both have Quadcrasher spawns you can use to make the rotation quick and painless
    • A Rift-to-Go can make the rotation extremely easy as well

Stage 2 - Junk Junction and Pleasant Park

  • There's quadcrashers in between the two locations at the dirt racetrack you can use to speed this up!
  • Don't forget that there are rifts at the Durr Burger as well you can  use!

Stage 3 - Flush Factory and Fatal Fields

  • For this one, there's a single quadcrasher in Fatal's red barn or in Flush Factory's parking lot you can use!

Stage 4 - Haunted Hills and Lazy Links

  • This is when the rotations start getting a little tougher
    • Use the ATKs at Lazy Links or the Quadcrashers to the south of Haunted Hills to speed this up

Stage 5 - Tomato Temple and Shifty Shafts

  • This will be the hardest rotation to make
    • Shifty Shafts will have quadcrasher spawns nearby, but they require you to trek up a hill by Tilted Towers to get to them
      • This is most suggested as you'll be able to jump the valley to the east and get significant distance boosting in the air
    • Tomato Temple may not be the best starting location, but if you go south towards quadcrasher spawns near the Divot or Leaky Lake, you might have some luck
  • This is a rotation you'll most likely have to sacrifice a game win to make, but if you find balloons or a Rift-to-Go it'll greatly increase your chances of being able to win

Dance with a fish trophy at different Named Locations (0/7)

These are the fish trophies you’re looking for:


They don't make any sounds when they're nearby, which makes them a bit on the trickier side to find. Here's a map that should help you out! We'll update it with new information if it becomes available!

Some notes:

  • Certain locations like Wailing Woods have multiple fish statue spawns. You can only get completion by dancing at one of them.
  • The fish statue in Salty Springs is located in the bunker house's regular basement (before the bunker)
  • The statue in Tilted Towers is on the floor, unlike the rest of them

Six Shooter or Heavy Assault Rifle Eliminations (0/2) (HARD)

The above are your options for this challenge. Some notes:

  • The Heavy Assault Rifle packs quite a punch and will probably be more helpful with completing this challenge
    • You’d just use it like any other AR
    • First shot accuracy and tap firing for headshots are immensely powerful with this weapon
    • Note that unlike other unscoped ARs, it has a 25 ammo magazine
  • The Six Shooter has two different fire modes
    • The non-ADS fire has quite a high fire rate, but is relatively inaccurate
    • The ADS fire makes the Six Shooter a lot more similar to the Hand Cannon
      • While the damage isn’t as good, you can still really chunk people out with headshots 
    • While the Six Shooter is relatively easy to use, its damage isn’t quite up to par compared to other weapons

Battle Pass Challenges

Get a score of 3 on different Clay Pigeon Shooters (0/3)

This is a repeat of a challenge from last season, and is quite simple to complete. You can find the Clay Pigeon Shooters at the locations marked on this map:

Here’s a clip of the minigame:


  • Use a Tactical Shotgun - it’s very difficult to miss the clay pigeon if you use one

Get Trick Points in a vehicle (0/250,000)

You can get trick points in a vehicle practically just by getting airtime in anything. We’d suggest using an ATK or Quadcrasher since these vehicles can get good speed without having to rely on terrain. 

250,000 Trick Points is actually really doable in one jump with the Quadcrasher using a Corrupted Area’s crater. View the following clip for reference: 

You can find Quadcrashers at the locations marked on this map:

Visit different Named Locations in a single match (0/4) (HARD)

This is one of those challenges where you’ll have to go a little bit out of your way to do, and might take a few tries to do it. Here’s some tips that may help:

  • Finding a Quadcrasher or ATK greatly speeds up the rotations you’ll have to make, reducing the amount of enemies who will be able to hunt you down and kill you
    • Here’s some good routes you can take that have vehicles nearby the starting point:
      • Junk Junction -> Pleasant Park -> Leaky Lake -> Lazy Links
      • Haunted Hills -> Pleasant Park -> Leaky Lake -> Lazy Links
      • Fatal Fields -> Salty Springs -> Dusty Divot -> Retail Row
  • Attempting to do this challenge in duos and squads might make it easier to survive as you'll have a teammate who can help look out for you and revive you if you get knocked
    • Trying a LTM like 50v50 might make it easier too
      • If you take a route through your side of the map, you’ll be a lot less likely to run into enemies

Completing this challenge in tandem with the first challenge involving visiting different named locations would be an efficient way to complete multiple challenges in one go!

Stage 1 - 3: Use _______ (0/1)(HARD)

Stage 1: Use a Grappling Hook

Stage 2: Use a Launch Pad

Stage 3: Use a Rift-to-Go

These challenges are all relatively simple with the toughest part just finding the item to use. Note that these are all really helpful mobility items that help immensely with rotations. You might want to use them to complete some of the other rotation based challenges from this week.

For stage 3, it seems that there's a typo and only a Rift-to-Go will work. Normal rifts and the Wailing Woods portals do not not count towards this challenge's completion

Hunting Party

Load Screen: 

There’s a secret unlockable banner that you can find located here: 

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