Season 7 Week 1 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Dec 06, 2018

Season 7 Week 1 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Pick up an item of each rarity (0/5)

There aren't really any tips we can give you for this one, since it's pretty much all RNG whether or not you find items of certain rarities. Just loot everything you can, and you'll likely finish this challenge sooner or later. 

Dance in different forbidden locations (0/7)

This is a repeat of a challenge in Season 3. To do this, you need to dance at 7 of these signs:

You can find these signs at these locations on this map:

Epic has removed most of the Season 3 signs. Due to the size of the map (it got bigger!) and the size of the signs, we're certain there's more than these 8 that we've marked for you. We'll update the map with more info as it becomes available. 

Thanks to:

for providing us with some of this info!

Play matches with at least one elimination (0/5)

If you're able to get 1 kill on landing, you ought to be able to complete this challenge with relative ease. This usually entails getting a gun as soon as possible and ganking the poor guy next to you who had a slightly worse drop.

Here are some tips:

  • Since their recent buffs, Shotguns are amazing tools for getting eliminations - all it takes is a lucky shot and you'll be able to really soften up your enemy
    • The Pump + SMG combo is deadlier than ever
  • Pay close attention to footsteps so you can predict your enemy's movement and know where to place your crosshair.
  • Something a lot of players don't do is minimize their damage taken with building. Pushing for high ground advantage will usually keep you safer from enemy fire while allowing you to maximize how often you can deal damage to them.

If you need help with your aim, you can watch some of our videos for tips and guidance:

Battle Pass Challenges

Stages 1 - 3: Dance on top of _____________

Stage 1: A crown of RV's

Stage 2: A metal turtle

Stage 3: A submarine

These challenges are simple - you simply have to find the objects in game and land there or make your way there (we suggest landing). You can find the locations here:

Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (0/500)

This challenge is all a matter of getting into fights and aiming well. If you watched our videos above, getting headshots is all about good crosshair placement. If you place your crosshair in the right place, it increases your chance of getting a headshot drastically.

To complete this challenge quicker, consider using Shotguns as they can do 200+ damage with a single headshot at point blank. Furthermore, they're quite common weapons which will make your life a lot easier. ARs, Hand Cannons, and Sniper Rifles are all great for completing this challenge as well, but they require more finesse to land those headshots, especially with Sniper Rifles.

Stages 1 - 3: Search ____________ in a Single Match

Stage 1: 5 Ammo Boxes

Stage 2: 3 Chests

Stage 3: 1 Supply Drop

The first two stages of this challenge are really easy. You can easily find 5 ammo boxes by looting one or two houses - if you're scared of someone killing you, land somewhere low traffic like Snobby Shores, West World, or Junk Junction.

Chests are the same deal, although you might have to loot at least two different houses to get 3 chests.

Supply Drops are where things get tricky; you would need to survive long enough until Supply Drops start coming and then find one to loot it. Here's some tips:

  • The Team Rumble LTM is amazing and you'll 100% get a supply drop in your first game. Since the circle is small, and supply drops only spawn in the circle, you should be able to get a supply drop at some point in the game
  • If you want to get a supply drop in a normal game, you need to play close to the circle.
    • Pay attention to the supply drop spawning sound, and look around for where they might be. 
    • If one's nearby, it's not a bad strategy to hide out nearby it and stealthily loot it
      • If you're in a squad, simultaneously shooting down the drop might help you get it faster, at the cost of alerting nearby enemies.

Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (0/5)

Since you have to play 5 matches with 1 elimination, our suggestion would be to land at a new location each game, get a kill at that location, and move onto another one in the next game.

Alternatively, you can plan your rotations between different named locations and hope you catch people who are late on their rotations. However, it's much more guaranteed to get these kills upon dropping rather than through rotations. The choice is yours.

When it comes to eliminating opponents, make sure you have a Shotgun/SMG loadout and plenty of mats on hand. Some notes:

  • If you have problems aiming and haven't watched the videos linked above, watch the videos linked above.
  • Building for cover and high ground, even in the most basic fashions can give you a really good edge on other players. 
    • If there is space to build a wall between you and your opponent, build a wall or ramp after taking your shotgun shots to soak up your enemy's shots
  • If you're camping a corner, make sure your sound is on so you know where they're coming from. 
  • Always position your crosshair where you think an enemy's head will be

All in all, this week's challenges are quite simple! Good luck, and hope the guide helped!

Snowfall Challenge

Here is the Week 1 Loading Screen! 

Here's the location of the Secret Battle Pass Tier! It's on the submarine that is balancing on top of the tall snowy hill.

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