Season 7 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Feb 07, 2019

Season 7 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The final set of challenges for Season 7 are now available for completion! Below is our usual write-up. If you're just looking for a cheat sheet, we include ItsEnergie's cheat sheet once again at the very bottom of the article!

Free Challenges

Place a Mounted Turrets or Damage Trap in different matches (0/3)

The hardest part of this challenge is just finding a Mounted Turret or Damage Trap to place. They don’t tend to be that rare, but it can still take a number of games to be able to find one or the other. Here are our notes on both items:

Damage Traps:

  • We find traps to be extremely useful items in a number of situations
    • In the early game, they can really deter someone pushing you or net you a few free kills on unsuspecting targets who are distracted by all the action
    • In build fights, it’s not uncommon for a skilled player to be able to catch another player with a cone and walls and kill them with a trap
    • In late game scenarios, where everyone is just camping a 1x1, placing a trap on your building will help deter other players from pushing you and help you get the kill on players who don’t notice it
  • For the purposes of this challenge - if you get a trap upon landing, you should place it at the nearest high traffic hallway or behind a door as soon as you can
  • If you get a trap later in the game, it’s not a poor idea to set up a trap by dropping a Mini or bandages somewhere and putting a trap above them

Mounted Turrets:

  • After taking several nerfs, Mounted Turrets are still surprisingly strong items for holding any position
  • For this challenge, you can honestly just place them the moment you find them - they don’t tend to be very high priority since being in one makes you a huge stationary target for everyone around you
  • When using a Mounted Turret, make sure you have walls surrounding your flanks so people can’t snipe you from behind
  • Always be ready to jump out of the turret if someone is able to push near you, or starts breaking your protection

Search chests in Lazy Links or Dusty Divot (0/7)

Lazy Links: 

Dusty Divot: 

Lazy Links is a tougher location to get multiple chests due to the spawns being so spread out and how open the entire area is. It’s a pretty difficult location to land as well since there’s very few places you can properly take cover. Some tips:

  • Go for the chests in the ceiling of the mansion if you can
    • When you get these chests uncontested, you’ll be guaranteed high ground for fighting everyone else in the area
  • Fighting inside the mansion is not suggested as you can get shot at from pretty much every angle
    • If you have to fight inside the mansion, make sure you’re breaking furniture with your pickaxe while looting so you have some mats to build quickly

Dusty Divot has more chest spawns, although they’re more separated into two sections:

  • The Cafe has a decent amount of spawns in a pretty compact area, but the spawns can be difficult to access as they are on different elevations
    • Fighting in the cafes is like fighting in most indoor areas, although the space is a bit more open than usual
    • Fighting in the parking lot is a bad idea
  • The Divot has a number of interesting points:
    • First, landing in the Divot is really weird due to its elevation
      • Position yourself so that you deploy near the edge of the crater, far enough in such that you deploy lower, but not so far in where the trees will affect your landing
    • The chests are all actually pretty close to each other in the old research buildings, so pick one and plan a route to rotate to the others
    • Most of the fighting will be close to medium range in the Divot until you push out
      • SMGs, Shotguns, ARs all shine here
    • The trees can really hinder your visibility inside the crater, so be really careful when running around
    • There are a lot of shield mushrooms in the crater, make good use of them if you can

Assault Rifle Eliminations (0/3) (HARD)

These are all the Assault Rifles that are currently in the game. Getting eliminations with them shouldn’t be too difficult, considering that they are the most versatile weapons in the game. They’re effective at pretty much every range, although Shotguns and SMGs are better than them in close quarters and Explosives and Hand Cannons tend to be better at destroying structures. 

Generally, the biggest trick to using the automatic ARs is knowing when to tap fire and when to spray. Usually, you’d want to tap fire against people who are far away and the first shot accuracy is the only way to hit a shot, while you would spray at people who are out in the open and relatively close to you. There isn’t exactly an established flow chart to follow though, and again you should always be trying to aim for your enemy’s head before taking your shots at them.

The Scoped variants don’t really have the option of spraying, but they’re dead accurate, making them way better than the regular Assault Rifles at long range, but worse at close ranges.

We cover the aiming mechanics pretty well in this video here: 

Battle Pass Challenges

Deal damage with a Scoped Weapon to opponents (0/200)

For the v7.30 Patch, these are the available options for scoped weapons in the game. All these weapons are best suited for long range combat, although some of them can be relatively effective at close range. The Scoped Revolver and Assault Rifles are by far the easiest to use as they are hitscan, meaning you just have to point and click. The Sniper Rifles pack the hardest punch, although landing a shot can be a bit difficult. 

For the hitscan weapons, always make sure that you’ve aimed before you click. A lot of people tend to click before their target is actually in their crosshair, causing them to miss. 

For the Snipers, you have to practice a bunch before you can really get a feel for the projectile. However, at close ranges, you can definitely hold a tight corner with them and get a cheeky shot off on someone who runs through a door into your crosshair. You can check out this video for a bit of help for aiming advice.

Stages 1-3: Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery ____________ (0/3)

Stage 1: East of Wailing Woods

Stage 2: North of Retail Row

Stage 3: East of Paradise Palms

You can find all the shooting galleries marked on this map here:

Make sure you have a weapon with first shot accuracy before going to the challenge location. Once you're there, simply step on the activation pad and start shooting the targets. You'll most likely get shot at by other people, so you may have to try multiple times to get it done. Here's a video of what the minigame looks like:

Visit Explorer Outposts in a single match (0/4)

Map of the Outposts: 

Image of an Outpost: 

It’s become a bit harder to get a plane since Epic reduced their spawn rates to 50%. Despite this, dropping at an Outpost and rushing for a plane is still the best way to get this challenge done quickly. Here’s some extra tips for if you’re having trouble:

  • It might be easier to get a plane in a LTM, as people might find less incentive to rush one
  • Try to land at an Outpost that is far away from the Battle Bus route - this will reduce the likelihood someone contests you for a plane
  • Be careful of enemies who board a plane with you on board - they can easily damage you from one of the passenger seats
  • Once you get a plane, just fly high to avoid enemies and only drop down when you’re above another outpost

Hit an opponent with a Boogie Bomb or Chiller Grenades in different matches (0/3) (HARD)

Boogie Bombs and Chiller Grenades are some of the lesser used utility items due to other options (Rift-to-Gos, heals, Gliders) being more versatile and easier to use. It's not hard to hit an enemy, they explode upon impact so you just have to throw it at them. They tend to be really powerful items in their own rights:

Boogie Bomb:

  • Hitting an enemy prevents them from building, running, or shooting for 5 seconds 
    • This gives you a very large window of opportunity to run at them, take high ground, and take a safe shot at them
    • Note that damaging an enemy that is dancing cuts the effect short, so using a high hitting weapon like a shotgun, sniper rifle, or rocket launcher will combo the best with it
  • You can also hit yourself and your teammates with a Boogie Bomb, so be careful not to use it when the enemy is too close to you

Chiller Grenade:

  • The Chiller Grenade acts as a weakened Impulse Grenade that inflicts the Chiller effect on everyone it hits
    • You can use this to rotate quickly, but also really mess up your enemy’s movement
    • Unlike the Impulse Grenade, the Chiller effect can make it really hard to land your shots after you land, so going for a combo highlight play where you launch yourself over your enemy is very difficult
  • A good use of the Chiller Grenade is to knock enemies off a cliff or to knock them back into the storm
    • Because it adds the Chiller effect, it becomes really hard for them to protect themselves once back in the storm or falling from high ground

Snowfall Challenge:

Loading Screen: 

Banner Location: 

In-game Location: 


Cheat Sheet

This week, we're using ItsEnergie's cheat sheet once again!

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