Season 7 Week 2 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Dec 13, 2018

Season 7 Week 2 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Search a chest in different named locations (0/7)

This is a really straightforward challenge that you probably won’t need too much help with. Since you ought to be landing on (or nearby) a chest in most games, you’ll simply have to land at named locations for several games and search whatever chest you find.

Some notes:

  • In certain places, you’ll be able to see the chests that have spawned before landing
    • Going to these chests will guarantee you get closer to the completion granted your drop is the best
  • Make sure you look around before landing to make sure no one else will land before you at the chest you’re going for
  • If you’re planning on landing at a chest and then requeuing for a game immediately after, make sure you leave the lobby by dying via suicide or to someone else or the challenge completion will not be recorded
  • If you’re going for multiple chests in the same game, you can normally rotate to a few named locations in the same game, especially if you grab a vehicle like a plane, quadcrasher, or ATK.

Here’s an imgur album of the chest spawn locations in a handful of named locations you might expect to go to due to other challenges:

Damage opponents with different types of weapons (0/5)

This is another really straightforward challenge: all you need to do is land a bit of damage with a bunch of different weapons. 

Here are the different weapon types - 

Assault Rifle: 




Machine Gun: 

Sniper Rifle: 


Dealing damage with most of these weapons tends to be quite simple and a matter of aim. If you’re new to the game and don’t feel like having to work super hard, avoid using Sniper Rifles or the Grenade Launcher - everything else will be extremely straightforward if you can land some shots.

If you need help with landing shots, we’ll very shamelessly direct you to watch some of our YouTube videos:

Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields (0/3)

Here are the treasure spawn maps for Snobby and Fatal:

Tips for Snobby: 

  • Avoid landing at the northernmost house. There aren’t any chest spawns in it.
  • In the middle house, there’s a lot of windows that people can shoot through and hurt you, so be very careful.
  • The chest spawns in southernmost house are in the basement. You can access this basement through a staircase hidden by a bookshelf in the southwestern-most room.
  • There’s two kinds of fights usually at Snobby - close range within the houses where Shotguns and SMGs will shine, and medium to long range fights on the roofs where people are shooting at each other
    • Make sure to destroy furniture and farm up mats, which will give you a big advantage and is easy to forget to do in Snobby

Tips for Fatal:

  • Generally speaking, getting control of house is the best way to win Fatal. 
    • There’s a ton of loot spawns are concentrated in the one house, in addition to two chest spawns, and a lot of furniture you can break for mats
  • Avoid landing at the Red Barn, as there isn’t very much loot there
    • Compounding the problem is that the spawns are a lot more spread out as well
  • If you can’t land at house, give the forests nearby a shot, the one chest spawn plus random floor loot can give you a fighting chance to contest whoever landed at house
  • Be careful of random people in the corn fields

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1-3: Visit ________ and ________ in a single match (0/2)

Stage 1: Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park

Stage 2: Lonely Lodge and Dusty Divot

Stage 3: Frosty Flights and Tomato Temple

These challenges are made far easier by the introduction of planes. For the first stage, you can simply run between both locations are they're quite close to each other.

For Stage 2, what you could do is do the Piano or Dance off Challenge below, and hop in a quadcrasher that spawns near the lodge or in the plane that spawns in the basement of the mansion.

For Stage 3, Frosty Flights has the most plane spawns of any location. Hop in a plane there and just fly up high in the sky to reach Tomato Temple.

Play the sheet music on the pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge (0/2)

Here are the locations of the pianos marked: 

Here are clips on how to play the songs:

Pay attention to the shape that the notes are in on the sheet music - they will direct you to which notes of the keyboard to play. Epic disregards staff notation in the Lonely Lodge piano for some reason.

Compete in a dance off at an abandoned mansion (1)

This challenge refers to the abandoned Hero mansion from Season 4 at the eastern side of the map, just south of the Lonely Lodge piano as marked on this map here:

In the basement, you’ll see something like this: 

There are different tiles that will light up on the floor. You just have to dance on each tile to gain score. The minigame lasts a short while. Here's a video clip:

Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (1)

For this challenge, your best options are the Hand Cannon, an Assault Rifle, or a Sniper Rifle. At 50m away, you have to rely on first shot accuracy or land a good snipe (although a 50m snipe is generally quite reasonable).

50 meters in game is approximately the distance between the player model and where the arrow is pointing in this picture: 

This challenge is pretty tough because it’s very hard to accurately gauge distances in game, in addition to the fact that a lot of fights tend to occur between people closer than 50 meters away. Here’s some notes we have for completing it:

  • You need to be decent with using first shot accuracy or snipers to land shots. 
    • These are the best ways to land long distance kills in Fortnite
    • If you need help with this sort of aim, you should watch the YouTube videos we linked above
  • Usually, these fights are between people who have built up a small base with a ramp inside 1x1
    • If you find yourself in this scenario, crouch for cover, but use the 3rd person camera angle to spot the enemy and place your crosshair
    • Use crouch peeking to take pot shots at the enemy while reducing the amount of time you’re in the open
    • Don’t peek from the same spot repeatedly - make sure you’re moving around your 1x1 as well
    • If your enemy gets distracted by something like a plane or another person, feel free to start firing away
  • If you see someone running in the distance and you have a sniper rifle, it’s not a bad idea to try taking a shot at them anyway, even if you think you’ll miss
  • If you’re not very confident in aiming, the Scoped Assault Rifle or Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle can come in very handy for completing this challenge

Snowfall Challenge

Here’s the loading screen for completing two weeks worth of challenges, with a secret banner to unlock:

This is actually a bit tricky to find, even with the map. 

Here’s some in-game screenshots to help:

You’ll find the correct room in that section of this building at Frosty Flights:

Inside you’ll see this:

Which is where the screen showing the banner is located.

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