Season 7 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Dec 20, 2018

Season 7 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The week 3 challenges are now live! Below is our regular write-up with tips and tricks, and if you scroll all the way down you'll find @squatingdog's cheat sheet for the week!

Free Challenges

Ride a Zipline in different matches (0/5)

Ziplines are one of the new additions to Fortnite with the v7.00 patch. They’re great for traversing reasonably long distances in a quick timespan and generally help you ascend hills without the use of building materials. Here’s a quick clip demonstrating how they work:

You can find ziplines as marked on the map below:

Some notes:

  • You can’t build while using a zipline, which makes you very vulnerable to getting lasered
  • You can use your weapons while on a zipline which will allow you to return fire if you’re getting shot at
  • You can jump off a zipline, but be warned that you will take fall damage if you jump off at a bad time
  • Ziplines can be a bit finnicky and while the v7.10 patch has fixed many issues with them, there’s still a risk of randomly dropping off them (usually in scenarios where you’re falling from a plane or gliding into one), so bear this in mind 

Stages 1 - 5: Land at __________ (0/5)

  • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge
  • Stage 2: Land at Pleasant Park
  • Stage 3: Land at Lucky Landing
  • Stage 4: Land at Lazy Links
  • Stage 5: Land at Tilted Towers

This challenge is really self-explanatory - just land at each location at the start of the game and you’re solid. If you’re trying to get these done quickly, dying instantly and re-queuing into a new lobby is the fastest way to go.

Legendary weapon eliminations (HARD) (0/2)

You have a lot of options for this challenge. For the most part, the easiest weapons to find and use to complete this challenge will be Shotguns/SMGs/ARs (there’s literally 5 different variations of legendary ARs). Some notes on this challenge:

  • Generally speaking, all the legendary weapons are quite good at getting eliminations, even with a less experienced player
    • The most aim-intensive weapons are the Sniper Rifles and Hand Cannon
    • The least aim-intensive weapons are the Minigun, Rocket Launcher, and Quad Launcher
  • Always try to aim for the head - it sounds stupid saying it because it’s so obvious, but it makes a huge difference when you’re actively thinking about it and trying to do it
    • Make sure your crosshair is aimed correctly before you shoot
  • With explosive weapons, make sure to account for the splash radius of their explosions so that you don’t kill yourself
  • Mounted Turrets do not give credit for this challenge

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple:

Here are the chest maps for Polar Peak and Tomato Temple:

Despite there being two locations, there are few chests at each location with most of them being spread out. Tomato Temple will be slightly easier to get chests on looting as most of the chest spawns are visible from the air, whereas Polar Peak's chests are mostly within the castle.

As usual, you want to land at these locations on top of a chest to try to get them before anyone else can!

Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match (0/2)

Here's a video demonstrating the doorbell:

Tips on completing this challenge:

  • Hitting a doorbell is instant, so you don’t have to worry more about getting shot at than usual
  • The key to finishing this challenge is being able to rotate between two locations that have houses with doorbells. 
    • Pleasant Park to Snobby Shores
    • Retail Row to Salty Springs
  • Grab a plane or vehicle to make these rotations really easy!

Search between three ski lodges (HARD) (0/1)

You can find the location marked on this map here:

And here's a video of the in-game location:

Stage 1-3: Deal Damage with __________ 

Stage 1: Shotguns (0/200)

  • With the recent buffs to Pump Shotguns, it's actually possible to complete this challenge with one shot using a Blue rarity Pump Shotgun or higher
  • Dealing damage with shotties is easiest to do in close-range scenarios, so landed in places with houses and lots of tight corners like Retail Row or Tilted Towers will generally put you in situations that'll help you complete this faster
    • When fighting in these scenarios, one of the best ways to get damage done is by peeking properly

Stage 2: Pistols: (0/200)

The above are the currently available pistols that you can use, with the Six Shooter and Hand Cannon playing out slightly differently than the regular + suppressed varieties. Here are our tips for using Pistols:

  • The regular Pistol and Suppressed Pistol have great close range capabilities, where if you click as fast as possible while trying to aim for the enemy’s head, you can very easily get a double headshot and kill them much faster than you would expect
    • The regular Pistol falls off very greatly past a medium range, but the Suppressed Pistol is great for taking potshots at enemies from long range as well
  • The Six Shooter tends to be a little less reliable than the other pistols, where its non-ADS fire isn’t as accurate as the standard/suppressed pistols nor is its ADS fire as damaging as the Hand Cannon
    • However, it still can still dish out a good amount of damage 
      • We would suggest to use it the way you would a Hand Cannon - aim carefully for headshots and get big chunks of damage on the enemy
  • The Hand Cannon is one of the best weapons in the game at the moment, with the ability to instantly destroy freshly placed builds with one shot
    • Furthermore, its headshot damage is huge
      • When paired with a good aimer, it can chunk at least 75 damage off someone at long distance very easily
    • Most players pair the Hand Cannon with a Shotgun or SMG
      • The idea is to break a wall between you and a turtling player, and then swap immediately to dish out some hurt 
      • However, this tactic is less useful if you’re trying to get eliminations with Pistols
    • If you have a Hand Cannon, trigger discipline is very important
      • Make sure you aim carefully before you fire when trying to get the drop on an enemy
      • Missing a shot with the Hand Cannon can be quite punishing, so be ready to get back under cover or to swap to another weapon whenever trading shots with an enemy

Stage 3: Sniper Rifles (0/200)

These are your three options for Sniper Rifles.

  • All three sniper rifles use a projectile bullet with some form of dropoff
    • At medium ranges, generally aiming a few pixels above the enemy's head is what you'd be trying to do
    • At long ranges, you really need to predict their movement
  • The Hunting Rifle is the least punishing and easiest Sniper to use as it gives you a crosshair and you won't need to fully scope in to use it
  • Generally speaking, you should wait a little while and see how your enemy is moving before you take your shot
    • A lot of people have a habit of standing still when peeking or aiming, and that's your best chance to snipe them out
  • Visit this article for detailed tips on using Sniper Rifles

Visit this article and this other article if you’re looking for more advice on how to aim.

Snowfall Challenge

Here’s the loading screen for this week’s Snowfall Challenge:

You can see a secret Battle Star in the hangar on the left in the image. You can find that hangar as marked on this map: 

Squatingdog Cheat Sheet

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