Season 7 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Dec 27, 2018

Season 7 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Use an X-4 Stormwing Plane in 5 different matches 

This is a simple challenge, just land at a plane spawn and hop into a plane. If you go to Frosty Flights, you’ll have a good chance to get a bit of loot before getting into one of the planes as well. 

You can find all the plane spawns on this map here:

For tips on piloting the Stormwings, you can watch our video below:

Launch 3 Fireworks 

The fireworks challenge is pretty straightforward. You just need to find 3 different fireworks and interact with them. Below, you'll find an image of what the fireworks look like in-game and a map with the locations of fireworks.

Here's a map marking the firework locations:

Eliminate 3 opponents at all Expedition Outposts 

You can find Expedition Outposts at these locations on the map:

They look like this: 

These outposts are usually equipped with Stormwing Planes, and have limited loot spawns. Here’s a few notes we have regarding getting kills at these locations:

  • Landing at an outpost with 2 or 3 other people is usually a bit hairy since there isn’t very much loot at these outposts
    • However, this probably remains the most efficient way of completing the challenge - try to land at one of the outposts that are near the battle bus route
    • Due to the fact that there tend to be 3 plane spawns at each outpost, what you could do is just hop into one and start dive bombing people 
  • Although a lot of these outposts have zip lines leading to and from them, it will be harder to find people at the outposts by the time you loot another location and zipline up

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1-3: Destroy _________

  • Stage 1: Destroy 80 Chairs 
  • Stage 2: Destroy 25 Wooden Utility Poles 
  • Final Stage: Destroy 25 Wooden Palettes 

This particular challenge isn’t very difficult, you just need to know where to find the objects so you can destroy them. The great thing about this is that you should be destroying these objects anyway because they’re extremely efficient in providing wood materials.

  • Chairs
    • You can find chairs in most un-abandoned house or apartments in the game
    • The LAN center in Paradise Palms (across the street from the big building) is a great place to get many chairs in a single game
  • Wooden Utility Poles appear in more rural/run-down parts of the map
    • You can find them at Fatal Fields and Junk Junction
    • You can find them just north and south of the block
    • You can find them at the RV lot east of Retail (between Retail and Lonely)
    • You can find them alongside the road throughout most of the desert area
    • You should also be able to find them on Dirt Roads throughout the map
      • There are a handful on the road south of factories (east of Happy Hamlet)
      • There are some on the near the roads north and south of Haunted Hills
      • There are some on the road leading north from Leaky Lake
  • Wooden Palettes appear in construction sites or at constructed buildings. Here are some place you can find palettes: 
    • You can find them at the construction site or Trump Tower in Tilted Towers 
    • You can find them in Junk Junction
    • You can find them in the busted up depot at Dusty Divot
    • You can also find them at the shipping containers north of Retail

Damage 100 opponents with the Pickaxe

There’s really only two ways to go about doing this challenge:

  • Queue into a squad/duos/team LTM game and pickaxed downed opponents
  • Queue into a solo game and kamikaze land next to someone and swing your pickaxe at them

You won’t have many other chances other than those two scenarios to actually deal damage with your pickaxe unfortunately.

Eliminate 3 Opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

Here are the chest spawn maps for both named locations:

While it’s possible to get these eliminations by rotating to either location after looting up elsewhere, the most efficient way is to just land at either location when the Battle Bus path goes above them. As usual, you want to land on the roof of a house and break through the roof to get to a chest inside while keeping an eye out for other people who might be landing nearby.

Both locations tend to have more indoor fighting, as most of the loot spawns are inside houses, so prioritize your pumps and SMGs. Turn that sound up and abuse that right hand peek around corners, and you’ll be solid. For Happy Hamlet specifically, try staying on the roofs once you have a mid-range and close-range weapon. You can hop from roof to roof and usually catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard. If you want a bit more detail on indoors fighting, check this video out:

Stage 1-5: Search the letters in NOMS and then visit it in Retail Row

  • Stage 1: Search the letter 'O' west of Pleasant Park 
  • Stage 2: Search the letter 'S' in Wailing Woods 
  • Stage 3: Search the letter 'N' in Dusty Divot 
  • Stage 4: Search the letter 'N' under a frozen lake 
  • Final Stage: Visit the NOMS sign in Retail Row 

Here’s a map of all the locations you have to go to:

And since the letters can be hard to find, here are images of the locations with short descriptions:

1) Letter O can be found on the ground leaning on building to the West of Pleasant Park

2) Letter S can be found underground in the center of Wailing Woods, hiding in a corner

3) Letter M can be found in a building at the bottom right of the main Dusty Divot area

4) Letter N can be found on the ground in a corner of the black top building at the frozen lake

Snowfall Challenge

Here is the week 4 Loading Screen:

You'll be able to see a banner on a house to the bottom right of the image. You'll find that house in Happy Hamlet as marked on this map here:

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