Season 7 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jan 03, 2019

Season 7 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The Week 5 challenges are now out! All of this week's challenges are quite simple and shouldn't pose much of an issue. We've included a lot of maps and videos to provide any extra help and tips if you need them. We've also attached @ItsEnergie's cheat sheet this week to the bottom of our write up. Hope the guide helps!

Free Challenges

Stages 1-5: Land at _______

  • Polar Peak
  • Fatal Fields
  • Tomato Temple
  • Leaky Lake
  • Snobby Shores

This challenge is really self-explanatory. We’ve provided some treasure chest maps below of those locations in case you’d like to play out the games:

Polar Peak: 

Fatal Fields: 

Tomato Temple: 

Leaky Lake: 

Snobby Shores: 

Deal Damage to Opponent’s Structures  (0/5000)

This is one of those super easy challenges where you don’t need to specifically go out of your way try to complete it, it’s just something that you’ll progress towards as you play games. If you’re fighting people, you’re bound to damage their structures.

  • Heavy Sniper Rifles, Explosive Weapons, or Miniguns are great for dealing loads of damage to enemy structures. 
  • The fastest way to do this currently however is by grabbing a plane as early as possible
    • What you want to do is stay up high in the sky for the first few storm circles, and then start looking for large build fight structures to shoot down
      • Make sure you use the airbrake while flying over the structures so you don’t fly over them too quickly
    • Since you’ll be high up in the sky, you’ll be able to avoid taking damage while being able to spot these structures from a safe vantage point

Since the best way to do this is by using planes, here's a video with tips and tricks for you to pilot them well!

Suppressed Weapon Eliminations  (0/3)

These are your two options for this challenge.

  • Finding these weapons isn’t the most difficult thing, but it can take a bit of luck
  • The Suppressed Pistol is a highly underrated weapon which you can use to take out enemies from close to medium distances
    • It’s very accurate in close range and can dish out a lot more damage than most people would expect
    • At farther distances, the Suppressed Pistol stops doing enough damage to get kills with, but its headshots still hit high enough to deal significant poke damage
      • Make use of its first shot accuracy and chip down your enemies before approaching
  • The Suppressed AR has a couple differences from the other high rarity ARs
    • It hits lower at close range, but deals more damage at farther range
    • Its spread is worse than the SCAR if not aiming down sights
    • It is much more accurate when tap firing and will do more damage as such
    • Essentially, it’s much better for long range fights than the AK or SCAR
    • Make good use of first shot accuracy and fire in bursts, and you should be able to rack up kills in good time

If you need help with aiming, check out the following two videos: 

Battle Pass Challenges

Stages 1-3: Dance on top of __________

  • Stage 1: Water Tower
  • Stage 2: Ranger Tower
  • Stage 3: Air Traffic Control Tower

Here’s a map showing these locations: 

You’ll have to play three games to do this challenge, but it shouldn’t be too complicated. All the towers will have nearby loot for you if you’re interested in playing out the game. Otherwise, the quickest way to complete this challenge is to land on top of the towers, dance, and then jump off to your death to requeue for the next lobby.

Search Chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms (0/7)

Here are the treasure chest maps for both locations:

Wailing Woods: 

Paradise Palms: 

Generally speaking, Paradise Palms is the more straightforward location to land at to complete this challenge. It’s much more like the other named locations, with a good amount of chest spawns and is more intuitive to fight in.

However, while Wailing Woods is extremely spread out, the teleporter system in the tunnels in the Northeast section can give you access to a lot of chests really quickly. The only issue is that if you’ve unused the tunnels, it becomes very easy to get lost and lose your sense of location. Our suggestion is to keep an eye on your compass and minimap so that you know where you’re going. Also, be very careful of people camping or setting up traps at the portal exits.

The video in this tweet should give you an idea how of the teleporter links with the different cabins: 


Search between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree

Here’s a map with its location

Here’s a video of the location in game:

Eliminate an Opponent from closer than 5m away (0/3)

This is another challenge that’s you’ll most likely be able to complete just by playing games normally. Here are some notes you might find helpful:

  • 5 meters is 1 floor build worth of space, meaning that you’ll have to be in the same 1x1 space to get credit for the challenge
  • The Shotgun/SMG combo is one of the best in the game for racking up kills, especially in close quarters. 
    • Generally, you would buildfight to get close to an enemy before pulling out these weapons to kill them
    • However, if you’ve just landed and found a shotgun, you can always camp a corner in a house or something and kill somebody who’ll inevitably pass by
  • You can also use a plane to run over somebody for the kill
  • Explosives are highly discouraged for this competition

Snowfall Challenge

Loading Screen: 

You can see the Hidden Tier on top of the shack in the top left corner of the image. We've marked the location of the cave it's in on this map here:

Here's a screenshot of it in game to help you:

Cheat Sheet

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