Season 7 Week 6 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jan 10, 2019

Season 7 Week 6 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

The Season 7 Week 6 challenges are live! This week has some tricky challenges, especially with a new gnome challenge! You can find all the locations of the gnomes and info on how to complete the ice puck challenge below:

Free Challenges

Search an Ammo Box in different named locations (0/7)

You can find Ammo Boxes inside pretty much every building on the map. Since you don't have to loot all 7 in one match, you can pretty much take your time with this challenge and finish it as you play the game and work on other challenges.

Something we would suggest is to keep a running tally of which locations you've visited for this challenge - it's very frustrating to be at 6/7 boxes, only to keep going to the same locations again and again because you don't remember where the redundancies are.

Search Chilly Gnomes (0/7)

This is what the gnomes look like: 

You'll hear these gnomes when you get near them. All of them are found outdoors in the Winter Biome and you just have to loot them! Here's a map showing all the gnome locations:

Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers (0/3)

Here are the treasure chest maps for both locations. Here’s notes on both locations:

Lucky Landing:

  • While generally Lucky has a lot of loot, it tends to not have very much traffic which usually makes Tilted Towers the more attractive option for experienced players to finish this challenge quickest
  • However, if you’re less skilled, Lucky Landing tends to have a handful of visitors whenever it’s somewhere nearby the Battle Bus route
    • Generally speaking, the landing should be a lot more manageable since there won’t be a ton of people contesting the same loot drops
    • It’ll also give you a chance to practice your fighting indoors in multi-level buildings but under less stressful circumstances

Tilted Towers:

  • We say this every single time Tilted Towers is a location for a challenge: Landing at Tilted Towers is a massive crapshoot
    • There’s always a ton of people who land there, and a lot of the time this means that the slightest difference in network latency can really make or break your landing if someone contests you
  • However, there are ways to be more consistent:
    • Practice landing at a specific building at Tilted
      • Since the buildings are at different heights, landing for each building requires a slightly different drop
      • Pick one building and stick with it til you can consistently land there before everyone else
      • Deploying your glider in the ravine to the southeast is generally a good spot
    • If someone contests the spot you’re landing at, you need to decide between one of two things
      • If you’re lower down, you can hard commit and go straight for the weapon
        • If this works, you’ll get a free kill
        • If it doesn’t work, you’re going straight to the lobby
      • If the levels are close, usually it’s a better decision to land somewhere else 
    • Get very comfortable with basic aim mechanics like crosshair placement and peeking
      • If you master the techniques in the video below, you should be able to get one or two kills every Tilted Towers landing 

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1-3: Visit ________ and _________ in a single match

  • Stage 1: Visit Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single match 
  • Stage 2: Visit Lucky Landing and Retail Row in a single match
  • Final Stage: Visit Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts in a single match

These visit challenges are made way easier with a Stormwing. Here’s our plane spawn map as usual: 

Recent nerfs have reduced their spawn rate to 80% as opposed to 100%, meaning that sometimes not all the planes will spawn as the map shows. However, there should still normally be a couple available if you land at Frosty Flights or any of the Expedition Outposts.To complete this challenge quickly, just hop in a plane, climb to the sky limit, and fly to each location. It shouldn’t take too long and it’s more of a nuisance than anything. 

If you need any tips or tricks with flying planes, you can watch our video here:

Slide an Ice Puck in over 150m in a single throw (0/1)

This challenge is actually a little bit trickier than it sounds. To unlock the Ice Puck, you have to have unlocked at least Tier 28 of your Battle Pass.

From there, you need to find a good place to toss the puck. In the video above, we go to the frozen lake area where Greasy Grove used to be. We chose this spot because it tends to be unpopulated, and the natural geography is pretty good for the challenge’s completion.

From there, you need to get on some elevation and toss the puck a bit lower so it can pick up speed as it slide down a slope. It’ll take a few tries, and there are multiple locations you can likely complete the challenge as well.

Stages 1-3: Deal damage with _________ to opponents (0/200)

Stage 1: Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

These are the two SMG options in the game at the moment. Getting eliminations with SMGs is really simple, as they tend to be the best options for finishing off enemies in close quarters combat. Here’s the general strat:

  • Always pair the SMG with an up front heavy hitter, like a Shotgun or Hand Cannon.
    • A Rocket Launcher or Quad Launcher works as well
    • The idea is that you’ll take the first shot with the heavy hitter, and then swap immediately to the SMG to spray down your opponent
    • Since the heavy hitting weapons have a low fire rate and tend to leave their targets at low HP, the SMG is perfect for finishing the rest of the job as they have high close range accuracy and fire rate
  • Avoid using SMGs at anything farther than medium distance; their damage falloff is very high and you’re essentially wasting ammo at that point

Stage 2: Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents

Assault Rifles are generally your bread and butter weapon - they tend to be useful at all ranges, although they're outshined by Shotguns and SMGs at close range. 

  • 200 damage with them isn't too difficult, you just gotta land those shots. 
    • Make use of first shot accuracy always, and make sure you aim for the head before you fire
    • The tips in this video should cover ARs pretty well

Final Stage: Deal damage with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink Bombs to opponents

  • Grenades
    • You can spam chuck grenades at structures, and it'll usually take out more of the builds and possibly the person in them
    • Be careful of using these at close range, as they can hurt you
      • You can build a pyramid and hide behind it quickly if you need cover
    • Something you can do if someone is hiding in a room is to open the door, chuck the 'nade in, and then close the door
  • Dynamite
    • Dynamite is amazing for taking out huge swaths of builds
    • If you throw two, spaced a couple seconds apart, there's a good chance you can break their builds and have the second dynamite explode in time to damage the person whose builds you destroyed
    • You can also hold your fire button and hold it in hand, and try to chuck it and time its 5 second fuse so that it explodes right as it flies by your target so they can't really counter it
  • Stick Bombs
    • Stink Bombs are really simple to use, since their AoE goes through walls
      • Just chuck them at people who are turtling or hiding to smoke them out
    • They don't do significant amounts of damage, so it'll be much slower to depend on them

Generally, Grenades and Dynamite should be more reliable due to the wide availability of them if you want to complete the challenge more quickly!

Deal damage with different weapons in a single match (0/?)

Getting the different weapons isn’t too difficult, considering that you’ll likely come across several types in one game. The issue is being able to use all of them in the same game to complete the challenge:

  • You should usually be able to pull off at least three different weapons, since the standard loadout is still Shotgun-SMG-Assault Rifle.
    • You should be able to easily deal damage with the Shotgun and SMG in a single encounter
      • If you or your enemy aren’t dead by the time you have to reload the SMG, you can pull out the AR and see if you can get the third weapon as well
    • Generally with the Assault Rifle, you can get a potshot off at distance pretty easily, so if you see someone you want you fight, you can poke them before engaging with the Shotgun and SMG
  • This challenge counts different weapons, not weapon types 
    • This means you can use a Suppressed Pistol and a Pistol, and that’ll count as two weapons
    • A pretty likely scenario is that you’ll land, have a Tactical or Pump Shotgun, and over the course of the game you’ll upgrade to a Heavy or an Epic/Legendary Pump, and dealing damage with those weapons will count as multiple weapons as well
    • Grenades, Stick Bombs, and other handheld explosives are really good for landing
  • Essentially, what all this amounts to is that to complete this challenge, you will need to be able to enter fights and win them consistently
    • If you’re having trouble, play an LTM where you’ll be able to use multiple weapons and have plenty of opportunities to use them (the Food Fight LTM for example is great for this) 

Snowfall Challenge

If you look at the loading screen below, we’ve pointed to where it shows the location of a secret banner in the southeast corner of the map.

You’ll find the banner as marked here:

Cheat Sheet

Thank you to @ItsEnergie who provides us with information and updates his cheat sheet specifically for our guides!

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