Season 7 Week 9 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jan 31, 2019

Season 7 Week 9 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Use a Sneaky Snowman in different matches (0/3)

The Sneaky Snowman is one of Fortnite’s newest items, replacing the Bush. It’s generally a lot more useful since there is not much of a difference between a real snowman and a player snowman. Here is a preview of how the item works:

The Sneaky Snowman spawns in stacks of 5, meaning you can place some fake ones yourself. Fake snowmen act as 100hp structures. You can move while disguised, but you cannot hold a weapon. If you try to swap to a weapon, the disguise falls off. However, you can place a snowman while you’re disguised. You can also turn throw someone off by hitting them with a snowman. This includes players who are driving vehicles, as TSM Myth demonstrates for us.


Stages 1-5: Land at _______ (0/5)

  • Stage 1: Retail Row
  • Stage 2: Frosty Flights
  • Stage 3: Haunted Hills
  • Stage 4: Shifty Shafts
  • Stage 5: Dusty Divot

As usual, these challenges don’t really require much of a guide. If you’re just trying to get them over with, just land at the location, find a way to die asap, and then requeue into the next lobby.

Eliminate opponents at Junk Junction or Retail Row (0/3) (HARD)

To help you with this challenge, here are the treasure chest spawn maps for both locations:

Junk Junction:

Retail Row:

Some notes on both locations:

  • Junk Junction:
    • There normally aren’t very many people who land at Junk Junction despite it having tons of loot
      • It’ll have the most traffic if it’s at the start of the battle bus route and on the first few days of this challenge
      • If it’s at the end of the Battle Bus route, you ought to be able to find a few people to fight
    • If you’re less comfortable fighting in crowded locations, Junk Junction is probably a better bet for you to visit to complete this challenge
    • You should check the chest spawn map and try to land on top of a chest if possible
      • Be careful of the chest spawns that are hidden within the junk piles though - if you don’t have mats it might not be very easy to get out of the piles
    • Junk Junction has a lot of tight corners, so shotguns and SMGs will be really helpful
  • Retail Row:
    • Retail Row tends to be a heavy traffic area, with a lot of people landing there no matter what the bus route is like
    • Generally, Retail Row is split into two sections - shops and houses
    • The inside of buildings in both sections tend to have pretty tight spaces, and fighting indoors is pretty similar, favoring shotguns and SMGs as usual
    • The key difference is usually fighting and rotating between buildings
      • In shops, you rarely want to run out into the parking lot, as you’ll end up drawing attention from all sorts of angles, so you’ll tend to rotate around the back of each building
      • In houses, the space between each house is pretty short, so you’ll be able to make rotations from building to build relatively easily
      • Generally at houses, you want to be careful of players who are camping the rooftops of buildings, trying to use the high ground advantage to get easy kills on people who are rotating
    • If you land on the Water Tower, don’t just jump down, stand on the center of the water tower and break two structures underneath before jumping onto the shed that’s to the northwest of the tower to avoid taking fall damage

Battle Pass Challenges

Pop Golden Balloons (0/10)

This is a golden balloon:

Here is a map where you can find balloons in the game:

There are likely to be more balloons than marked. We'll update this map as more info becomes available.

Stages 1-3: Dance on top of a ___________ (0/3)

  • Stage 1: Sundial
  • Stage 2: Oversized Cup of Coffee
  • Stage 3: Giant Metal Dog Head:

Here are the locations marked on a map:

Shotgun Eliminations (0/3) (HARD)

With the vaulting of the Heavy Shotgun, these are the current options for completing this challenge. Here are some notes on each weapon:

  • The Tactical Shotgun has the highest fire rate of each weapon and is the least punishing of the three for if you miss
    • However, it also has the widest spread, and is least likely to secure an elimination with one shot
    • Using the ADS will significantly impact how much damage you deal with this weapon
  • Pump Shotguns of blue rarity and above have the ability to deal more than 200 damage with a single headshot, meaning that they can guarantee a one-shot kill
    • However, this requires you to be at point blank range, and you would need to land a really good shot to pull it off
    • Nevertheless, body shots themselves do a ton of damage and they’re some of the best weapons in the game
    • Since Pumps have such a long delay between shots, players will usually swap to a different weapon after taking a shot
      • Since the goal is to get kills with the shotgun though, generally it is a better strategy to place a wall or ramp between you and your enemy between each shot and try to build for the high ground
    • Pumps actually deal pretty decent poke damage at middling distances as well, so if they’re approximately 2-3 floor builds away from you, it’s not too bad an idea to try to take a shot

Complete three timed trials with the X-4 Stormwing plane (0/2) (HARD)

There’s two parts to this challenge. The first is picking up a plane, which you can find at these locations on the map:

Note that planes have a 50% spawn rate, meaning that you’ll statistically find at most 1-3 planes depending on the spawn location. Frosty Flights and Expedition Outposts will provide you with the best chances of finding planes. 

You’ll have to grab a plane, and fly to a timed trial location. Here is a map of all the timed trial locations for this challenge:

Here's an example of the challenge:

Snowfall Challenge

Here is this week’s Loading Screen:

We’ve circled an etching of a sleigh where this week’s hidden battle star is located. It’s where the old gigantic wooden chair used to be, north of Happy Hamlet. Here’s what it looks like in game:

And here’s a map marking the location:

Cheat Sheet

Here's @squatingdog's cheat sheet for this week!

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