Season 8 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • May 02, 2019

Season 8 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges have gone live. A couple of this week’s challenges will require some assistance for the majority of players, so here’s our weekly Battle Pass Guide!

Battle Pass Challenges

Launch through (3) flaming hoops with a Cannon - 5 Battle Stars

Here is a map of 5 known locations for the Flaming Hoops:

While Pirate Cannons can be found around nearly all points of interest on the map, Lazy Lagoon has the highest density of spawns. Here is a map of all Pirate Cannon Spawns: 

The Flaming Hoops are decently high off the ground so it’s best to try and position yourself on high ground using building or the environment around you prior to launching yourself.

Harvest ____ in a single match - 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: 500 Wood
  • Stage 2: 400 Stone
  • Stage 3: 300 Metal

This Challenge is relatively simple and could be completed in practically any location on the map. However, Dusty Divot has more than enough of each material to easily complete this Challenge. The trees in the divot provide wood, the fencing around the museum parking lot provide stone, and the fencing around the lab provide metal.

If you’re unable to visit Dusty Divot or would prefer to complete the Challenge naturally as the matches progress, be on the lookout in the following locations for structures which are known to give large amounts of materials:.

  • Wood: Pallets in the factories near Happy Hamlet and the museum near Dusty Divot
  • Brick: Quarries near Fatal Fields and Pleasant Park
  • Metal: Fences in Dusty Divot, near the middle of Retail Row, around any of the excavation sites, or bleachers at the soccer field

Here is a map marking the best locations for each stage of this Challenge:

Eliminate (3) opponents at Tilted Towers or The Block - 10 Battle Stars

Here is a map of all Chest spawns in Tilted Towers:

There are a total of 37 potential Chest spawns in Tilted Towers, it is also by far the most popular point of interest on the map making it the ideal candidate for this Challenge.

Our recommended strategy is to land on the clock tower and work your way to the ground, picking up any viable loot along the way. Then head to the apartment building right beside the clock tower, clear any enemies out which are in there. Continue to make your way throughout Tilted until you’ve got at least 3 eliminations.

If you’re struggling, corner camping and catching enemies off guard in the big, center building is also a viable strategy.

Free Challenges

Deal (500) damage with an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle - 5 Battle Stars

The Heavy Assault Rifle and Infantry Rifle are both considered viable weapons in the current meta. Choose your preferred, or both, and play as your normally would when attempting to win the game.

Both weapons are capable of dealing high damage and fire hitscan shots, meaning you can effectively damage your opponents at any practical range while being most effective at mid-range. If you’re struggling, a good strategy is to third party other battles by dealing damage from a distance to players who are in a fight.

Search the treasure map _____ in Junk Junction - 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction
  • Stage 2: Follow the treasure map signpost in Junk Junction

For Stage 1, simply make your way to Junk Junction and interact with the treasure map signpost hidden between two stacks of junk behind a wooden pallet. Here is picture of the location in-game:

After searching the signpost, locate the battle star hidden at the location marked on the treasure map. This treasure map shows the fork knife quarries near Fatal Fields:

Here is a map showing exactly where the treasure map is point to:

Deal (100) damage within 10s of landing after using a Volcano Vent - 10 Battle Stars

Here is a map of all Volcano Vent spawns in the map:

As indicated by the map, the majority of Volcano Vent spawns can be found in the northeast region of the map near the Volcano. We recommend using the Volcano Vents near Sunny Steps immediately after leaving the Battle Bus, then landing near a weapon and eliminating opponents which have also landed in the area.

Eliminate (2) opponents from closer than 5m away - 10 Battle Stars

This Challenge may prove difficult for newer players as it requires some skill in close-quarters engagements. We recommend using the Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun for a high amount of damage at close range. The best location to complete this Challenge would be in any of the buildings in Tilted Towers at the beginning of a match.

For most players, an effective strategy is to deal damage from a distance using a long-range weapon such as the Heavy Assault Rifle, then pushing the enemy and finishing them off using a Shotgun.

Limited Time Modes such as Team Rumble have also proven to be an easier way of doing Challenges of this nature. Team Rumble allows you to respawn and keep your weapons, this way you could easily land right on top of an enemy and shotgun them for a close-quarters kill.

Discovery Challenge

Here is the Season 8 Week 10 Loading Screen:

A Banner can be found near a truck at the Loot Lake Structure.

Here is a map showing the location:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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