Season 8 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Mar 14, 2019

Season 8 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide


Stages 1-3: Visit _________ and _________ in a single match:

  • Stage 1: Visit Fatal Fields and Salty Springs in a single match
  • Stage 2: Visit Haunted Hills and Tilted Towers in a single match
  • Stage 3: Visit Frosty Flights and Loot Lake in a single match

For this challenge, you probably want to use one of the new Ballers or Driftboards to aid with the rotations. Here's a map you can use to find the new Ballers:

There aren't any tough rotations to make for this challenge.

For Stage 1, Salty Springs has an 18 wheeler carrying quadcrashers you can grab to easily make the rotation. 

For stage 2, you can grab a Driftboard or Baller to the northeast of Pleasant Park to make the rotation. There are Quadcrasher and Driftboard spawns near Tilted as well.

For Stage 3, there are Driftboards and Ballers all over Frosty Flights, so make good use of those!

Stages 1-3: Do _________ in the __________

  • Stage 1: Destroy 30 cacti in the desert
  • Stage 2: Search 7 ammo boxes in the snow biome 
  • Stage 3: Search 5 chests in the jungle

For this challenge, the 30 cacti are the most time consuming. Stage 1 was definitely intended to be completed over multiple games, as 12-15 cacti are enough to put you at the wood cap. We'll point out a couple cacti patches for you on this map where they're more tightly grouped:

For Stage 2, we would suggest Happy Hamlet - it always seems to be empty and there's way more than 7 ammo boxes to collect there.

For Stage 3, we would suggest looking at our chest map to figure out a good drop location. The Pirate Ship in Lazy Lagoon has a ton of chest spawns, and so does the Volcano. Also, one of the challenges this week is to search Sunny Steps for chests, so that's a great place to go too. Here is a low-res image of the chest spawns. Click on the link above to find better resolutions!

Play different Trap Slot items in a single match (0/2)

These are your options for Trap Slot items. The most difficult part of this challenge is just finding 2 of these items as they don't tend to be super common. However, if you’re playing Duos or Squads or a team mode, party assist can come in handy a lot as well. 

We would suggest placing Mounted Turrets as soon as you find them as those don't tend to be as useful as the others. If you're really going for challenge completion vs winning, you could place the others asap as well.


Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen (0/1)

This is the Treasure Map loading screen. You must unlock it first by reaching Tier 10 of the Battle Pass. If you do not, the Treasure will not appear.

You can find the treasure at this location here:

And here’s what it looks like in game:

Search chests at Sunny Steps or Fatal Fields (0/7)

Here are the treasure chest spawns in both locations:

Here’s some notes:

  • At Sunny Steps, the chests in the largest ziggurat are actually a bit complicated to get to - consider landing at other chests instead
    • You’ll be more likely to be able to see if the other chests have actually spawned as well
  • At Fatal Fields, the house is usually the most contested spot
    • You might want to consider landing on top of another chest if you feel like you’re getting beaten to the punch a lot
  • If you’re playing Duos or Squads, this is a good challenge to turn on Party Assist. 
    • If your group lands at either location, you’ll be getting loads of challenge completion credit from everyone opening up chests

Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (0/500)

This is a really straightforward challenge - 

The setup of Shotgun/SMG/AR is probably good enough for completing this challenge. Shotguns can deal at least 195 headshot damage with a green pump, SMGs and ARs also rack up headshot damage very quickly.

There isn't much of a key to this challenge, it's just aiming and racking up headshot damage as you play. This video covers the basics:

Get an elimination with an SMG, Pistol, and a Sniper Rifle (0/3)

As usual with elimination challenges, the easiest way to do them is by queueing into a team deathmatch mode like Team Rumble - you’ll get lots of targets to shoot at and you’ll generally be able to find the weapon you need. If you’re just trying to do them in the regular BR mode, try these tips


  • You have two options: the Compact SMG and the Suppressed SMG
  • Getting kills with SMGs is really easy; a lot of the time, it’s what you would get the elimination with anyway since the general fight combo is to take a shot with a shotgun and spray down the rest of your enemy’s HP
  • SMGs are generally quite accurate at close quarters, so as long as you’re able to aim in the general direction you really ought to be fine


  • You have four options: Hand Cannon, Suppressed Pistol, Pistol, and Dual Pistols
  • Pistols work best in the early game when people aren’t fully looted up yet
    • Landing at Tilted Towers or something similar on top of a pistol and rushing the nearest enemy can generally result in you getting a kill
  • Make sure you ADS with pistols to make their shots way more accurate
    • With the Suppressed Pistol and regular Pistol spread, aiming at the chest and clicking as fast as possible will usually net in a headshot or two and help you finish off an enemy
  • Dual Pistols aren’t very accurate so you can’t really try to aim for a double headshot
    • They’re good for destroying builds and spraying and praying, but are generally quite unreliable otherwise
  • Hand Cannons can be good at getting kills, but you need to have pretty precise aim for it
    • You would have to make use of the first shot accuracy and get a headshot
  • At the end of the day, using a regular pistol for a 

Sniper Rifle:

  • You have two options: the Suppressed Sniper Rifle and the Heavy Sniper Rifle
    • Both weapons have the exact same dropoff
    • The Suppressed variant reloads much faster
    • The Heavy variant does way more damage and instantly destroys builds
    • All sniper headshots are instant kills
  • This part of the challenge is the most difficult for a number of reasons:
    • Snipers tend to be difficult to find
    • Landing a snipe on moving targets is very difficult
  • The best way to land an elimination is to be patient with your sniper shots
    • If you see an enemy and are able to take the first shot, trail them a bit and wait for them to either move predictably or stand still
      • It’s very hard to land a shot on a moving target in general which is why this is the best method
  • Another way to land a sniper shot is to camp a corner in a building - pay attention to their footsteps and take the shot the moment the enemy walks into your crosshairs
    • Dropping a mini or shield potion where you want them to walk might be a good bait
  • Getting used to the dropoff for long range shots will take a lot of practice - there’s not really any other tips we can give unfortunately
    • You can look up some creative courses to help speed up and facilitate this process however

Discovery Challenge:

Here’s the loading screen: 

This is what the location of the secret Battle Pass tier looks like in game: 

You’ll find the tier at the base of the stairs. The location is marked on this map: 

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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