Season 8 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Mar 21, 2019

Season 8 Week 4 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Stage 1-5: Land at _________________

  • Stage 1: Tilted Towers
  • Stage 2: Junk Junction
  • Stage 3: Retail Row
  • Stage 4: Happy Hamlet
  • Stage 5: Pleasant Park

Due to the nature of this Challenge, you will likely only advance one stage per match. However, note that it is possible to use a Launch Pad and land at the desired point of interest to complete multiple stages in a single match.

Use The Baller in 5 different matches

There are plenty spawns around the entire island for The Baller - here is a map: 

With the 50% Baller spawn nerfs in the v8.11 patch, Frosty Flights appears to be the most dense in terms of spawns and is likely a good choice to land at to complete this Challenge. 

Get an elimination with a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon

These are your options for Scoped and Suppressed weapons.

If you are lucky enough to find one, the Suppressed Sniper Rifle should instantly complete this Challenge upon eliminating an opponent. However, these are quite rare and it might be quicker to go for other options instead.

The Suppressed Assault Rifle is generally common and reliable enough to complete the Suppressed weapon portion. 

For the Scoped weapon position, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is actually probably the best for completing this challenge. But, if you’re not the best sniper, the Scoped Revolver and Assault Rifles are really easy to use and will likely net you an elimination as well. Try to make use of the weapons' scopes and long range capabilities to make it even easier.

Battle Pass Challenges

Launch yourself through 25 structures with a Pirate Cannon

Pirate Cannons can be found in all areas of the map, but are most common near Lazy Lagoon. Here is a map showing all Pirate Cannon spawns: 

Depending on how you go about it, this can be a tricky challenge. If there are no environmental structures nearby, such as the pirate ship, we recommend building a line of walls with ramps between, then launching yourself through them.

Here is a video showing the two strategies in action: 

Search 2 Buried Treasure

This is a rather simple challenge, the bulk of the work will be obtaining a Buried Treasure map. This is pretty much just luck and randomness though, and the only way to increase your chance of finding it is by surviving longer. Here's a video of the Buried Treasure item at work:


If you are able to, it is recommended that you use a vehicle such as the Driftboard to avoid enemies and reach your treasure as soon as possible.

Eliminate 3 Opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

Here are the treasure chest spawns for Happy Hamlet and Pleasant Park:

This Challenge may take the average player only a single match to complete. While Happy Hamlet has a higher amount of Chests, Pleasant Park is typically the more populated of the two.

Here are some additional tips for completing the challenge:

  • Due to the amount of Chests in Happy Hamlet, landing at any of the buildings will be a good choice. 
    • However, Happy Hamlet tends to have very low traffic and it’ll take a lot longer to complete the challenge by solely landing here
      • This’ll be a much better option for players who are new to the game and aren’t able to handle multiple opponents at the same time
  • At Pleasant Park, we recommend landing at the back-right grey house as it has the potential to have 3 Chests, the most of any of the houses.
    • Pay attention to the people landing with you as it can get quite crowded
    • When rotating between houses, be careful of rooftops as a lot of players tend to use them as natural high ground 
  • Both points of interest typically have close quarter engagements, so you’ll want to be sure to keep a Shotgun and an automatic Assault Rifle. 
    • Don’t forget to open Ammo Boxes, you’ll need the extra ammo, especially if there’s a ton of opponents landing with you
  • A lot of fighting goes on indoors as well at both these locations
    • Keep in mind that indoor furniture doesn’t provide great cover - you’d be better off breaking the furniture with your pickaxes for mats and building your own cover
    • Make sure that you make good use of the right-hand peeking angle to get off good shots on your enemies

Stage 1-3 Outlast __ opponents in a single match

  • Stage 1: 60
  • Stage 2: 70
  • Stage 3: 80

The average player is likely to complete this Challenge in a reasonable amount of time. If you are struggling, it might be better to go into the Squads playlist and play very passively, allowing the other teams to eliminate each other and for your team to carry you.

To be perfectly honest, it’s not too hard to do this challenge in solos - you could literally hide in a building and make extremely safe rotations to avoid enemies. Generally speaking, it's a very realistic scenario for you to land somewhere random and outlast 80 opponents before the first circle even closes!

As a disclaimer: the challenge is currently bugged so that you can't progress. We have been unable to verify the correctness of the amount of opponents you'll have to outlast due to this. We'll make an update as soon as possible.

Discovery Challenge

Here is the Season 8 Week 4 Loading Screen: 

A banner icon can be seen on the pillar in the top-right background. This pillar can be found in-game on the Volcano: 

Here is a map of showing the location: 

Cheat Sheet

Here is a Cheat Sheet for all Season 8 Week 4 Challenges by @ItsEnergie

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