Season 8 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Mar 28, 2019

Season 8 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

This Week’s challenges are generally straightforward, but some of them might require a bit of help in terms of figuring out what to actually do. Here’s our weekly Battle Pass Guide, in addition to @ItsEnergie’s cheat sheet at the bottom!

Free Challenges

Deal 200 damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents – 5 Battle Stars

These are your options for the challenge. While the Snipers have the potential to complete this challenge in 1-2 shots, they are a lot rarer and harder to use than the other options. 

If you’re not good with the Sniper projectiles, just use the Scoped Pistols or Assault Rifles. Those weapons are hitscan with no bloom (although they do have recoil) and are much easier to land shots with to get that 200 damage. Remember, aim for the head before clicking!

Search 7 chests at Paradise Palms or Shifty Shafts – 5 Battle Stars

Here are the treasure chest maps for both locations. To complete this challenge, plan out a route at either location using the maps and land at that area. We would suggest Paradise Palms because the chests are a lot more accessible. However, if you’re having too much trouble at Paradise Palms due to high traffic, Shift Shafts might be slightly easier.

Complete a lap of the Race Track in Happy Hamlet – 10 Battle Stars

You can find the Race Track here:

You’ll find Ballers at the start of the Race Track for this challenge.

You have to wait for the Race Track timer to start, after which you just follow the path. There are markers along the way to guide you, similar to the timed trials in the past. Here’s a video demonstrating the challenge:

Battle Pass

Get 15 bounces in a single throw with the Bouncy Ball toy – 5 Battle Stars

You unlock the Bouncy Ball toy at Tier 26 of the Battle Pass Guide.

To get 15 bounces, build a 1x1 and chuck it at a corner. Here’s a video demonstrating how:

Stages 1-3: Gain ____ Shield from _____

  • Stage 1: Gain 50 Shield from Mushrooms – 1 Battle Star

Here’s a map of mushroom (and apple) spawns:

Just land in one of the areas and consume 10 mushrooms. Mushrooms spawn in groups of 5, so you’ll have to find two groups.

  • Stage 2: Gain 100 Shield from Small Shield Potions – 2 Battle Stars
  • Stage 3: Gain 100 Shield from Shield Potions – 2 Battle Stars

The rest of these stages are just RNG. You’ll just have to find and consume these potions as you play. Turn on party assist in a team mode to speed things up!

Use a Volcano Vent, a Zip line and a Vehicle in the same match – 10 Battle Stars

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If you go to this article, you’ll be able to find maps of all Vehicle spawns and Volcano Vent spawns in the game.

You’ll realize that there’s actually a lot of vehicles, Zip lines, and Volcano Vents in the jungle biome of the map. We would suggest dropping in that area, hopping onto a zip line, finding a Baller somewhere at one of the Expedition Outpost buildings, and then rolling your way to a Volcano Vent.

An alternate route would be to land near Pleasant Park/Junk Junction, where there’s a massive Zip line cluster. Hop on a Zip line to the Expedition Outpost to the northeast of Pleasant Park, grab a Baller, and roll on over to the Volcano Vent at the crashed battle bus to the north of Loot Lake.

Eliminate 3 opponents at Pirate Camps – 10 Battle Stars

Here are where all the Pirate Camps are in the game:

Pirate camps usually have a decent amount of floor loot, and can have up to three chest spawns. Finding an opponent at a Pirate Camp tends to be easier when it’s along the Battle Bus route. Just hot drop a camp and go for the nearest weapon, and chances are you can pick up a quick elimination or two!

You can also try the Team Rumble LTM, but it might require a bit of luck for the safe zone to include a pirate camp.

Discovery Challenge

Here is the Season 8 Week 5 Loading Screen:

A battle star can be seen on the cliff near the lava-fall in the center-left of the loading screen. This point can be found in-game near the Volcano:

Here is a map of showing the location:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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