Season 8 Week 8 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Apr 18, 2019

Season 8 Week 8 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

This week’s challenges will require some assistance for the majority of players. Here’s our weekly Battle Pass Guide!

Free Challenges

Stage 1 & 2: Search the __________ in Paradise Palms (0/2)

  • Stage 1: Treasure map signpost 
  • Stage 2: X on the treasure map signpost

The Treasure map signpost can be found in Paradise Palms in the alley behind Keyboard King.

The Treasure map featured on the signpost points to the south end of the Runway at Frosty Flights.

Here's a video of it in game:

Use Vending Machines in (3) different matches – 5 Battle Stars

Here is a map showing all Vending Machine locations:

Deal (100) damage to opponents while using at least one balloon – 10 Battle Stars

This Challenge should prove to be easy for the majority of players. 100 damage is relatively little and is often possible to deal in a single close-range shotgun shot. Balloons are also a common loot item. To top it all off, this Challenge can be completed over the span of multiple matches, so you can slowly work towards its completion if need be.

The first strategy for this Challenge would be to use a single Balloon, then play as you normally would. It's important to be a little extra cautious due to the slightly longer jump. The second strategy is to use all 3 Balloons at one time, then sneaking in damage at players who are on the ground.

Battle Pass Challenges

Search (7) Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and in caves – 5 Battle Stars

Here is a map of 14 confirmed bridges and caves which will have Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:

Stage 1 & 2: Dial the _________ number on the big telephone __________ (0/2)

  • Stage 1: Durrr Burger west of Fatal Fields 
  • Stage 2: Pizza Pit east of The Block 

To dial on each of the telephones, simply melee the desired number using your Pickaxe. Once a number has been entered successfully, a ringing will play. Here is a map showing where each telephone is located:

Durr Burger’s number: 555-0152

Pizza Pit’s number: 555-0198

Eliminate (7) opponents at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing – 10 Battle Stars

As usual, the best way to get location eliminations is by landing at the given points of interest. 

Here’s some tips for Dusty Divot:

  • Dusty Divot is a really huge area - there’s two spots where there’s usually fighting
    • There’s the Diner that’s to the north of the crater
    • There’s the ruined labs in the center of the crater
  • Usually, the fighting will start in both locations, and people will start to scatter in different directions after
    • In terms of loot, the ruined labs tend to have a lot of chests and you’re more likely to find a weapon than in the diner
    • Both locations have relatively close quarters fighting
      • Be very wary of all the debris and random furniture/debris that might block your movement or eat your shots though
  • In the diner, make sure you’re breaking the furniture and random things so you have some mats to build with
  • The crater has a lot of mushroom spawns
  • If you’re fighting in the crater, be really careful of random people shooting at you from the high ground
    • It can be really hard to return fire and counterattack because of the difference in height
    • Make sure you farm mats that you can use to build cover and make escaping the crater safer

Tips for Lucky Landing:

  • Lucky Landing is probably the easier location to get kills in
    • It’s a lot more similar to other points of interest in the game, and the indoor fighting is a lot more straightforward 
    • There’s usually less traffic at Lucky Landing too, so you might find it less chaotic than Dusty
  • As usual, in city areas, be really careful running around on the roads - there’s always going to be someone on a rooftop who’ll want to shoot at you
  • Lots of close range combat here - if you find a shotgun and AR you should be solid

Eliminate (2) opponent from at least 50m away – 10 Battle Stars

There are a handful of tips and tricks to make this Challenge easier to complete. First and most importantly, 50m is approximately 10 building tiles from your position.

ARs, Hand Cannons, Scoped Weapons, and Sniper Rifles are highly recommended for this Challenge due to their effectiveness at range. Despite Sniper Rifles being projectile weapons, 50m isn't very far and shouldn't cause much of an issue. Make sure you line up and hit your first shot when you engage an enemy - usually getting a massive headshot is enough to give you an advantage for the elimination.

The Air Royale Limited Time Mode makes this Challenge a breeze due to the nature of the Challenge. Also, don't forget you can turn on party assist for this challenge if you play with friends!

Discovery Challenge:

Here is the Season 8 Week 8 Loading Screen:

A Banner can be found at the tip of a snow mound located Southeast of the Viking mountain.

Here is a map showing the location:

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