Season 9 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • May 23, 2019

Season 9 Week 3 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Use vehicles to ____ -  5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: Land a trick with a Driftboard
  • Stage 2: Get 3s of airtime in a Quadcrasher
  • Stage 3: Destroy (3) opponent structures with a Vehicle

For stage 1, you just need to grab a driftboard and land a single trick. A simple way to do this is to jump when you’re using the board, then look up and boost immediately. This should get you more than enough air to do a flip. The landing part should be easy. Just have the bottom of your board somewhat parallel to the ground and you should land fine. Here's a map of the driftboard spawns for reference:

For stage 2, you just need three seconds of airtime with a quad. We’d recommend building a single ramp in front of your Qaudcrasher. Then hop on the Quad, wait for your boost to charge, drive off the ramp, and boost straight up. This should easily keep you airborne for three seconds. Here's a map of the Quadcrasher spawns for reference:

For stage 3, you need to destroy three builds with a vehicle. Quadcrashers and Ballers are your options here, although we’d recommend using a Quadcrasher as it’ll be much faster. The easiest way to complete this stage would be to watch out for old builds from other players. If you can find an old build fight that players left already, this stage will be a breeze. Here's a map of the Baller spawns for reference:

Search (7) Chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak - 5 Battle Stars

This challenge requires you to search a total of seven chests at either Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak. As usual, we’d recommend landing at one of these spots right off the bus to make sure you get some chests for yourself. Reference our maps below if you’re having trouble finding chests.

Here is a map marking the chest spawns at Lonely Lodge:

Here is a map marking the chest spawns at Polar Peak:

Deal (200) damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Slip Stream - 10 Battle Stars

This challenge asks you to do 200 damage to an opponent within 10 seconds of using a Slip Stream. Similar to the shadow bomb challenge in week one, we see two options for completing this challenge: 

Your first option is to use a split stream and land on an enemy

  • The advantage of this is that you can deal a lot of burst damage quickly in close-quarters with a shotgun. You might even be able to complete the challenge in one go. Landing on players or on high ground near players can also confuse them enough for you to get free damage
  • The downside is that you won’t be able to fly too far away from the slip stream because the 10 seconds starts as soon as you exit. So, you’ll have to find an opponent that is relatively close to the slip stream for this to work

Your second option is to use a split stream then land and go for long-range damage

  • The advantage of this is that it’s safer and potentially easier, as you’re not landing right on top of anybody. Just land somewhere close to the slip stream and take some long-range assault rifle or sniper shots. If you get lucky, you could complete the challenge with one sniper headshot.
  • The downside is that this way will take longer, unless you get a sweet snipe. You’ll have to chunk away at that 200 damage gradually with AR shots. Consider taking a weapon like the heavy assault rifle or the scoped assault rifle if you plan on doing it this way.

Battle Pass Challenges

Visit _____ and ______ in a single match - 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: Visit Happy Hamlet and Shift Shafts in a single match
  • Stage 2: Visit Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot in a single match
  • Stage 3: Visit Haunted Hill and Salty Springs in a single match

This challenge is probably something you guys are used to by now. You must visit two places in a single match for each stage. As a rule of thumb, go the POI closest to the edge of the map first because it reduces the chances that the circle will prevent you from making it to the second location.

For stage 1, we’d recommend landing at Happy Hamlet then making your way to Shifty Shafts. Look out for vehicles in Happy Hamlet to make the journey easier. There is a Quadcrasher spawn near the middle town and Ballers can spawn on the racetrack to the West.

For stage 2, land at Sunny Steps first then make your way to Dusty Divot. This one is probably the easiest because of all the air vents. Once you leave Sunny, head south and keep an eye out for an air vent near the Volcano. If you go from vent to vent, you should be able to make it almost all the way from Sunny to Dusty Divot without touching down.

For stage 3, land at Haunted then head over to Salty. This one may prove a little tricky, but not too difficult. The first way you could do this is to head south from Haunted and hit the Sky Platform just southwest of Pleasant. Then, fly all the way over to the Slip streams near Neo Tilted and make your way to Salty. For those that can fly quadcrashers, you could try heading up to the race track northwest of Haunted, then just fly all the way to Salty.

Throw the Flying Disc and catch it before it lands - 5 Battle Stars

You unlock the Flying Disc toy at Tier 35 of the Battle Pass:

Since no one on the team appears to have unlocked this toy yet, here's a video by "Rogue Thunder" on YouTube of him doing it:

It appears that the quickest way to finish this challenge is by throwing the disc straight up.

(3) Explosive Weapon Eliminations - 10 Battle Stars

This challenge is definitely more difficult. You must get a total of three eliminations with explosive weapons. Currently you have four options for explosive weapons: Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Grenades and Dynamite.

Grenades and dynamite will be your most available options, but they will also be the most difficult to get kills with. 

  • Grenades seem to work best in third party situations
  • If you see other players in a build fight, just toss some grenades over and see if you can pick up a lucky kill. 
  • Dynamite requires you to be a little closer, but the blast radius is larger.
  • The ideal situation would be if you’re on high ground and you can toss multiple dynamite down onto an opponent. 

Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launchers will be harder to find, but easier to get kills with.

  • Check vending machines for any rocket or grenade launchers
  • Grenade Launchers work best as a third-party tool, similar to grenades.
    • If you see players fighting, find the perfect distance for your grenades to land right on top of their builds and just spam
  • Rocket launchers work best at closer ranges
    • Rocket launchers are great if you have the high ground
      • Players on low ground often don’t look up and many leave their top exposed when building up
    • Rocket launcher with a heavy sniper makes for a deadly combo
      • Shoot the rocket at somebody turtling then heavy snipe the wall right before it hits

Deal damage with (5) different weapons in a single match - 10 Battle Stars

This last challenge is also pretty hard. You must deal damage with five different weapons in a single match. The hardest part about this is that you will likely need to win multiple engagements to complete the challenge. Once you deal damage to someone, it’s unlikely they’ll just let you disengage for free.

Here are some tips for this challenge:

  • Deal damage with the random weapons you get off spawn
    • Weapons like grey pistols can be effective off spawn, but are not something you can use mid-game
    • Using worse weapons early means you can use better weapons to finish
  • Get chip damage from long-range
    • Once you hit them once, run, hide, and reposition
    • This is probably the only way to deal damage without having to follow through with the fight
    • Scoped ARs and snipers will work best for this, but you can use any weapon
      • Even if you hit for 8 damage with an SMG, it still counts as one
  • Use multiple weapons in a single engagement
    • If you are forced to fight somebody, try damaging them with two or three weapons
      • This way you may only have to win one fight to complete the challenge
      • Swap out your weapons with theirs once you eliminate them
    • In duos or squads, you can use downed players as a chance to get some free damage with all of your weapons

Utopia Challenge

Here is the Season 9 Week 3 Loading Screen:

The hint for this secret is on the concrete block right under the dark brown dog, where you can see a Battle Star on top of tower of RVs and cars.

Here's a map of where you can find this secret:

And here's an in-game image of where you can find it:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!  

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