Season 9 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jun 06, 2019

Season 9 Week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Deal (200) damage to opponents with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink Bombs - 5 Battle Stars

The easiest method for completing this Challenge is to go into a Team-based mode such as Squads and use throwables on downed enemies while fighting the rest of the team. You can also play Team Rumble and just spam them at enemies.

Don’t feel stressed about getting all 200 damage done in one game - if you keep queuing into new lobbies, you’re bound to finish this eventually. Some notes:

  • Stink Bombs and Dynamite are the easiest to deal damage with
    • Stink Bombs hit through walls, but you’ll likely only get at most 20 damage per stink unless it’s on a downed target
    • Dynamite has a massive explosion radius, likely to deal 75 damage if you just chuck a couple of sticks at people
      • Another thing you can do is hold the Dynamite while its fuse is lit and count down to 4, then throw it at your target. The Dynamite should explode in their face if you time it right
  • Grenades do deal the most damage of the three, but are the hardest to land damage with:
    • One good way is to just spam a stack of grenades at someone - if you predict their movement correctly and cover their escape routes, you ought to be able to get a hit
    • You can also chuck a grenade into a room or enclosed space where your target has nowhere to run
    • You only have to land two grenades to complete this challenge

Search (7) chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights - 5 Battle Stars

This challenge requires you to search a total of seven chests at either Salty Springs or Frosty Flights. As usual, we’d recommend landing at one of these spots right off the bus to make sure you get some chests for yourself. The above maps show the chest spawns for each point of interest.

Tips for Salty Springs:

  • Salty Springs tends to be a pretty high traffic area - make sure you keep an eye out for people who are landing there and try to keep a tally of how many people are there with you
  • A lot of houses have chests in the ceiling that you should be able to hear
    • If you don’t hear a chest, drop down and run into the house to get floor loot instantly
  • The easternmost house and the blue house have bunkers underneath them containing a lot of loot, so those are generally the more popular landing locations
  • Most of the fighting tends to be indoors or around rooftops
    • Shotguns and (non-heavy) ARs shine at Salty Springs, so make sure you grab/hold onto those
  • Make sure you hit fences and furniture for building mats as well

Tips for Frosty Flights:

  • Frosty Flights has an incredible about of chest spawns, in addition to Baller spawns that you can use to rotate away
  • The popularity of Frosty Flights is generally determined by the bus route:
    • If Frosty Flights is at the start of it, you can expect a lot of people to land there
    • If not there might be fewer people
  • We would suggest to land on the east side of Frosty Flights and search for loot in the research buildings vs landing at the hangars
    • The hangars are wide and open with little cover, making it really easy for someone to spray you out
    • There aren’t many things to hit for building mats either, so if someone’s got a gun and is paying attention to you, you’re likely going to take a lot of damage or die
  • Frosty Flights features all sorts of combat - close range indoors, long range outdoors, etc, so be very ready to build around you if someone’s shooting at you
  • When you’re done at Frosty Flights, grab a Baller for the rotation out of there

Eliminate an opponent in (5) different matches - 10 Battle Stars

Getting an elimination in a single match is generally quite easy. The easiest time to get an elimination is at the start of the match. There’s two skills involved: landing and aiming.

Essentially, all you have to do is land on top of a weapon on a relatively hot drop, and shoot down the nearest person. If you don’t get the weapon, Pickaxes do 20 damage a swing and we’ve gotten way too many pickaxe kills that we shouldn’t have, so don’t be afraid to swing at them. If you miss, just queue into another lobby and try again. You only really have to do this 5 times.

Battle Pass Challenges

Complete a lap of a _____ race track - 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: Desert
  • Stage 2: Snowy
  • Stage 3: Grassland

This challenge isn’t very difficult at all. The race tracks all have vehicle spawns. Here’s a video of how to do one:

Place trap items in (5) different matches - 5 Battle Stars

This challenge is simple enough: just place one of these when you find it in a match. You only have to place 1 for 5 different matches, so we’d suggest saving the Campfire or Launch Pad for use later in the game and placing a Damage Trap/Mounted Turret when you find them.

Visit (5) different Wind Turbines in a single match - 10 Battle Stars

Here is a map showing the locations of 6 different Wind Turbines.

We recommend landing at and gearing up on the shopping cart mountain, then visiting the next four Wind Turbines north of the mountain

(3) Eliminations at Sky Platforms - 10 Battle Stars

The best way to complete this challenge definitely involves Team Rumble. Sky Platforms only contain enough loot for 1 person and even with this challenge, it seems unlikely that people are going to land on them. In Team Rumble, it’ll be very likely for there to be one Sky Platform within the safe zone, meaning that everyone will congregate at the Sky Platforms and allow you to get the 3 eliminations.


  • This challenge is mostly just “put your crosshair on target’s head and shoot”. 
  • It isn’t suggested to land on a Sky Platform if there’s more than 2 people going for it due to the lack of loot
  • Some other things to consider are the air vents and slipstreams that you can use for mobility:
    • Jumping into a Slipstream will give you a huge boost of speed you can use to circle around the platform to disengage or engage on whoever you’re fighting
    • The air vents will knock you off the platform, but allow you to land on the ground safely

Utopia Challenge

Here is the Season 9 Week 5 Loading Screen:

The hint for this secret can be found on the left-side ring of energy around the character; these coordinates read B2 B3 C2 C3 which is just east of Haunted Hills.

Here's a map of where you can find this secret:

And here's an in-game image of where you can find it:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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