Season 9 Week 7 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jun 20, 2019

Season 9 Week 7 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Search (7) chests at Junk Junction or Neo Tilted – 5 Battle Stars

This challenge requires you to search a total of seven chests at either Junk Junction or Neo Tilted. As usual, we’d recommend landing at one of these spots right off the bus to make sure you get some chests for yourself. The above maps show the chest spawns for each point of interest.

Tips for Junk Junction:

  • Junk Junction is a relatively low-traffic location, though it’s likely to be populated during the initial days following this Challenge’s release. Be sure to keep track of how many enemies land there with you.
  • A small room can be found on the roof of the larger building in Junk Junction, here you can find a chest. After that, break through the roof in either of the two points indicated on the map.
    • If the initial roof chest is not present and the building is populated, floor loot and even a chest can be found in the junk on the southeast end of the yard.
  • Majority of the combat in Junk Junction is going to be close quarters, don’t forget to grab a submachine gun or shotgun for survival. Height is key, consider using the junk stacks to navigate the yard.

Tips for Neo Tilted:

  • Neo Tilted is an extremely popular location to land. However, it is very large and has many secluded rooms where chests can be found.
  • Neo Tilted features all sorts of combat - close range indoors, long range outdoors, etc. - be very ready to build around you if someone’s shooting at you.
  • What makes Neo Tilted an easier place to land compared to the old Tilted Towers is that there’s many places in the buildings to hide and wait away enemy aggro before continuing to loot. Furthermore, you can always consider air venting into the slipstream to disengage.

Search (7) ammo boxes in different named locations – 5 Battle Stars

Ammo boxes can be found literally everywhere. Check by beds, on shelves, underneath staircases, and so forth. If you’re in a building, there ought to be at least a few spawns.

We would suggest taking multiple games to complete this challenge instead of stressing over completing this challenge in one game. It’s just far easier to do that way.

(3) Suppressed Weapon Eliminations – 10 Battle Stars

This challenge may prove difficult for some; you must get a total of three eliminations with suppressed weapons. Currently you have two options for suppressed weapons: Suppressed Pistol and Suppressed Sniper Rifle.

Tips for the Suppressed Pistol

  • The Suppressed Pistol is typically only viable for eliminations in the early-game; late-game is does not match up against shotguns and assault rifles.
  • It’s not too bad if you spray and pray - it’s a very accurate weapon, so if your crosshair is on the enemy’s head you ought to get some headshots
  • Since it’s suppressed, you can get the jump on an enemy by poking them down a bit with slowly aimed headshots before fully engaging
    • It’ll take them a bit to recognize where shots are coming from
  • Don’t forget that eliminating a downed opponent with the weapon in-hand counts toward the Challenge so consider using the Suppressed Pistol to finish enemies.

Tips for the Suppressed Sniper Rifle

  • The Suppressed Sniper Rifle is a viable option at any point in a match if you’re confident in your sniping skills.
  • As usual with sniping, it’s usually a bit better to figure out how the enemy moves before taking a shot
    • Pay attention to things like:
      • Is he peeking from the same spot over and over?
      • Is he moving left and right over and over?
      • Is he crouching up and down?
  • Since the projectile speed is quite fast, consider using the sniper to hold a tight angle like a doorway or building entrance
  • As-is the case with the Suppressed Pistol, consider finishing your enemies with this sniper if you are struggling.

Battle Pass Challenges

Deal (200) damage to opponents while riding a vehicle – 10 Battle Stars

Above you can find a map of Driftboard spawns. 200 damage should be easy to accomplish, take your time and gather loot which will specifically help in this situation.

  • Tossing explosives into ongoing fights while riding by may prove to be a viable strategy as opposed to classic combat.
    • The proximity grenade launcher is quite good for this
  • You can also try landing sick sniper trick shots, but that’s not very easy
  • Another way is to use the driftboard to reposition while taking shots at enemies with an AR

Visit ___ and ___ in a single match – 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: The Block and Loot Lake
  • Stage 2: Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted
  • Stage 3: Snobby Shores and Mega Mall

For this challenge, use the Slipstreams, these will at least get you near the desired points of interest.

Search a chest, use a vending machine, and a campfire in a single match – 10 Battle Stars

All of the requirements for this Challenge can be found quite literally all over the map. Because of this, you shouldn’t have any issue completing it. If you are, consider landing at the Viking Mountain as it’s not a very popular spot and has chest, vending machine, and campfire spawns.

(3) Eliminations from 5m or less – 10 Battle Stars

This Challenge may prove difficult for newer players as it requires some skill in close-quarters engagements. We recommend using the Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun for a high amount of damage at close range. The best location to complete this Challenge would be in any of the buildings in Neo Tilted at the beginning of a match.

For most players, an effective strategy is to deal damage from a distance using a long-range weapon such as the Heavy Assault Rifle, then pushing the enemy and finishing them off using a Shotgun.

Limited Time Modes such as Team Rumble have also proven to be an easier way of doing Challenges of this nature. Team Rumble allows you to respawn and keep your weapons, this way you could easily land right on top of an enemy and shotgun them for a close-quarters elimination.

Utopia Challenge

Here is the Season 9 Week 7 Loading Screen:

The hint for this secret can be found on the left-side beneath the railing; this star is located in Pressure Plant on the second platform of the staircase.

Here's a map of where you can find this secret:

Here's an image showing where the Battle Star will be in-game:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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