Season 9 Week 9 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Jul 04, 2019

Season 9 Week 9 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Use a Chug Jug or a Chug Splash in (3) different matches – 5 Battle Stars

Just find 'em and chug 'em. The Chug Splash is actually quite common, so it's definitely worth tossing a charge at the floor when you find it.

Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle – 5 Battle Stars

Here is a map showing where each solar array is located.


The solar array located in the snow can be found within Frosty Flights.


The solar array located in the desert can be found just outside of Paradise Palms, near the Wick Residence.


The solar array located in the jungle can be found just outside of Sunny Steps.

Get an elimination with a ______ rarity weapon - 10 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1: Common
  • Stage 2: Uncommon
  • Stage 3: Rare
  • Stage 4: Epic
  • Stage 5: Legendary

This Challenge should prove relatively easy for most players, you’re likely to complete it without too much effort just by playing the game as you normally would. 

We would strongly suggest taking advantage of the Team Rumble mode. It'll be much less frustrating to just respawn and run back into the fray as opposed to having to re-queue into a new lobby and get new loot every time you die. At the time of writing, the only Common weapon available in Team Rumble is the Burst Assault Rifle as it was unvaulted for the Days of Summer event.

Battle Pass Challenges

Deal (500) headshot damage – 5 Battle Stars

For this challenge, ARs will be the most reliable. If you really need help aiming, the Scoped ARs are really easy to get headshots with. Remember that the key to good aim is to make sure you're not shooting until after you've physically and consciously aimed for the head. This video should cover all that you need to complete this.

If you’re feeling lucky, Snipers are a great way to deal lots of headshot damage on unsuspecting enemies. If you’re struggling, consider going into the Team Rumble mode and/or dealing headshot damage on downed opponents.

Search (7) chests at Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet – 5 Battle Stars

This challenge requires you to search a total of seven chests at either Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet. As usual, we’d recommend landing at one of these spots right off the bus to make sure you get some chests for yourself. The above maps show the chest spawns for each point of interest.

Tips for Lazy Lagoon:

  • The three, small islands within the lagoon can hold multiple chests, though you’ll want to avoid the water as much as possible due to the slowdown.
  • The pirate ship has insane amounts of loot and is usually very unpopulated. You can land at the back of the boat and just smash down and you'll go across 4 chest spawns alone.

Tips for Happy Hamlet:

  • Many of Happy Hamlet’s chests can be found in the attic of the structures. Consider landing on the roof of a building rather than entering on the ground-level. Make your way into the house through the ceiling.
  • Happy Hamlet's layout can be pretty confusing for people new to the area. Don't get discouraged if you die instantly, and use the chest map to help you figure out where to drop
  • There's so many chest spawns in Happy that you can actually luck out and complete the challenge in one go. 

Eliminate (5) opponents in different Named Locations – 10 Battle Stars

This last challenge requires you to get five eliminations inside of named locations. Make sure you keep track of which ones you're getting eliminations at!

Some tips:

  • For challenges like these, it's always a straightforward elimination to go to a high traffic location like Neo Tilted or Salty Springs, grabbing an early shotgun, and then chasing down the first person you see
    • Alternatively, you could just camp a chest spawn and wait for someone to turn a corner as well
  • You can land at an unnamed location, loot, then catch players who have cleared a nearby named location off-guard.  People tend to not expect rotations from unnamed locations early in the game
  • As usual, take advantage of the Team Rumble mode if you're struggling!

Deal (200) damage to an opponent within 10s of landing from a Volcano Vent – 10 Battle Stars

Here is a map of all Volcano Vent spawns:

As indicated by the map, the majority of Volcano Vent spawns can be found in the northeast region of the map near Pressure Plant. We recommend using the Volcano Vents near Sunny Steps immediately after leaving the Battle Bus, then landing near a weapon and eliminating opponents which have also landed in the area.

Don’t forget that damage dealt to downed opponents also contributes to Challenge progress. If you feel confident enough, you can down an enemy then use a Volcano Vent and finish them off.

Utopia Challenge

Here is the Season 9 Week 9 Loading Screen:

The hint for this secret can be found on the right-side of the ramp; this star is located in Mega Mall.

Here's a map of where you can find this secret:

Cheat Sheet

As usual, thanks to @ItsEnergie for his weekly cheat sheet!

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