Season 7 Teasers and Theories

 • Dec 04, 2018

Season 7 Teasers and Theories

On December 3, 2018, Epic dropped that Season 7 would begin immediately after the end of Season 6 on Thursday, December 6, 2018 with this Tweet:


In addition, the second teaser was just released today, 


EDIT: The final teaser


"A bitter ice spreads" and "A frigid day dawns" generally confirms a lot of theories for a winter-y island with lots of snow and frozen surfaces.

Over the last month, this storm front with ice floes underneath have slowly approached the island: 

If you look towards it, it'll play a sound effect similar to looking at the old rift or comet in the sky. /u/TimSad has been collecting daily screenshots of this progress if you're curious.

 Similarly, there have been reports (dotesports) that there are wind chilling effects witnessed on the Nintendo Switch version of the game: 

In addition, snow has started falling on the spawn island today: 

Given these teasers, we can certainly expect a large snowfall coming in Season 7. 

Furthermore, both images appear to feature a snowboarder in them. It's hard to say what this might entail, but the addition of snowboards to Fortnite is seeming more and more realistic as the lead-up to the new season begins. If you look closely at the second teaser image, there appears to be someone on a zip line as well!

We'll update this article with more information as it becomes available to us!

EDIT: Aurorae are now visible above the storm front!

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