Guide to Setting your Keybinds in Fortnite (PC Guide)

 • Jan 17, 2020

Guide to Setting your Keybinds in Fortnite (PC Guide)

 Having the “correct” keybinds is such a popular topic in Fortnite to the point where most pros have some sort of !settings or !keybinds command on their streams. As the scare quotes might imply, their keybinds aren’t the sort of thing where there’s only one way to do it, similar to mouse settings or cranking 90s. 

Keybinds are all about finding what’s comfortable for you. You should never have to stretch or contort your hand in strange ways to hit the buttons that are important. Given the standard WASD bindings for movement, you wouldn’t want to bind an important key on the opposite side of the keyboard such as ‘[‘, ‘]’, ‘\’. In a 30 minute game, you’re going to be pressing all most of these keys hundreds of time, and you want to make sure that not only are you able to do so without tiring yourself out, but you're able to do so while maintaining efficiency with your movement in game and out of game.

This guide will provide a bunch of tips for figuring out what keybinds will work for you, in addition to suggesting some cool tricks you can do with keybinds. This guide will be specific to PC (sorry to console players), since PC customizability makes it a lot trickier. 

The Most Important Buttons:

When you’re doing your keybinds, you want to make sure that all these buttons are bound to comfortable and easily-accessible keys. We’ve listed them in order of importance - the more important the key is, the easier it should be for you to hit them:

  1. Weapon Slots 1-5
    1. You’ll be swapping between your weapons and utility a lot in Fortnite. It’s always faster and more accurate to hit a button than to scroll through them
  2. Building (Roof, Cone, Ramp, Wall, Trap)
    1. Being able to build efficiently is one of the hallmarks of being good at Fortnite. Even if it is basic ramps and walls to block gunfire, having your building keys on accessible binds is crucial
  3. Toggle Harvesting Tool
    1. You can’t build if you don’t harvest, and you often do want to have the 
    2. Binding the Toggle Harvesting Tool key allows you to swap between your Harvesting Tool and weapons with a single button. 
      1. This allows you to animation cancel the Harvesting Tool swing, which lets you harvest faster.
  4. Edit
    1. Being able to easily toggle an edit on your builds is really important in tense build fights. Make sure this is bound nearby you building keys.
  5. Reset Edit
    1. Make sure you have a button to reset your building edits quickly. This is really important in turtle build fights to fake out enemies. 
  6. Use/Interact
    1. You can’t pick up weapons, open doors, or get into vehicles without this key. Definitely need it binded.
  7. Reload
    1. You’ll always want to make sure your weapons are reloaded after each fight, or in periods of low action when people are trying to heal up and reset after taking a poor engage.
  8. Autorun
    1. Being able to toggle autorun when making a rotation allows you to manage your items while moving. 
    2. While not necessarily the most important key, it’s very useful in a lot more scenarios than you’d think
  9. Ping/Push to Talk
    1. If you play duos or squads, being able to ping and communicate with your teammates is extremely important

We’re assuming that you don’t rebind the basic WASD for movement, Spacebar for jump, Left-Ctrl for crouch, Mouse Left Click to shoot, and Mouse Right Click to ADS, simply because every shooting game uses those defaults. Also, we're assuming that you have the Sprint By Default option turned on.

The Best Keys to Use:

Assuming you have a WASD setup for movement, the picture above circles the best keys for you to use. They’re usually the easiest to hit and require minimal stretching or contorting. The closer the keys are to WASD, the more convenient they’ll be. Try to bind the high priority buttons to them.

Also, if you have a gaming mouse (I have a Logitech G502 Hero), you can bind the side mouse buttons to get an additional few keys through the manufacturer’s device software. Mouse buttons are one of the most accessible keys, provided you get in the habit of using your thumb. It might take a while to get used to it, but a lot of players (pros especially) find them extremely useful. 

What buttons should I bind to what keys?

As mentioned earlier, this is entirely personal preference and what feels comfortable to you. However, there’s definitely a few guidelines we can offer that most pros tend to follow

  1. Weapon Slots 1-5
    1. These are often buttons that are closest to WASD. 
    2. Most pros will often bind Slots 1-3 to something like Q, E, R, Z, X, C, 1, 2, 3
    3. Slots 4 and 5 tend to be more up in the air, as those are usually reserved for utility. 
      1. It’s common to see them on 4 or 5 which are slightly harder to reach.

  1. Building (Roof, Cone, Ramp, Wall)
    1. Often, the default keys such as C, V, Left Shift, and both side mouse buttons are used for Roofs, Cones, Ramps, and Walls
      1. Z, F, and X work fine as building keys as well, but aren’t considered optimal be you would have to move your index or ring finger off your D or A key, meaning that you lose the ability to strafe left or right while building.
        1. Use your thumb to hit C/V to avoid this
    2. You want to clump them together since you’ll be switching between Roofs, Ramps, and Walls a lot when building more complicated patterns.
    3. For the Trap, a lot of players bind it to T, F, 5, or a mouse button
      1. It’s not as necessary to be able to place traps quickly, so you can afford to bind it on a key that might require a bit more stretching

  1. Toggle Harvesting Tool
    1. A lot of people bind this to Q, 1, or F
      1. You usually want to put it on a key you can easily double-tap so you can swap between the Harvesting Tool and a Weapon with minimal effort

  1. Edit
    1. This should be set somewhere near your building keys. Usually, E, F or G tend to be a good spot for it

  1. Reset Edit
    1. Usually, you want this to be something you can hit instantly after toggling an edit
      1. Scroll Wheel or Right Mouse Button tend to be used a lot for this

  1. A cool trick with editing is to bind a Mouse Wheel direction as the secondary keys for Edit and Reset Edit. This allows you to reset any edit almost instantly by scrolling down:

  1. Use/Interact
    1. You want this on a button that you can spam click really easily (usually to loot things faster)
    2. A lot of pros use E, Mouse Wheel Down, or Mouse Wheel Up for this

  1. Reload
    1. Most people leave this on the default R. You want it in a place you can hit easily, but not in a spot you can hit accidentally. 

  1. Autorun
    1. Our personal suggestion is to put it on ~, B, =, or Num Lock. You’ll never use this button in a tense situation, so it’s fine to put it on something much less accessible.

  1. Ping/Push to Talk
    1. Great keys for these buttons are ~, Y, T, or Mouse Wheel Button. You may need to hit these buttons while you’re fighting, but you don’t want to accidentally hit them because it can mess up your teammates. 

Final Remarks

When trying to figure out your keybinds, make sure you’ve spent maybe 10-15 games on a particular configuration before trying an entirely new set. Don’t throw out a set of keybinds because you keep hitting the wrong key, only throw it out if you find it physically uncomfortable (if your fingers keep criss-crossing or if your hand starts to get sore very quickly). Sometimes, all you need to do is switch a few keys around to have it work right for you.

If you really don’t know where to start, look up a pro player’s keybinds. Most pros have a !settings, !binds, or !keybinds command on their stream chat that’ll link screenshots or a video of what their settings are like.

Once you’ve found a set of keybinds that do work, stick with it for as long as you can. By doing so, you’ll allow your body to build muscle memory and allow you to hit the right buttons more accurately. You’ll improve much quicker and be able to learn how to do more advanced building when you’ve got a set of keybinds you’re used to.

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