Fortnite Summer Skirmish Invite Process EXPLAINED

 • Aug 15, 2018

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Invite Process EXPLAINED

This coming Friday and Saturday will be the 6th out of the planned 8 Summer Skirmishes that Epic Games have scheduled in 2018. Each week's Skirmish has featured a $500,000 prize pool with the top placement paying out more than the median American's yearly salary. 

Prize Distribution for Week 4's Summer Skirmish

Furthermore, with massive viewership of the event - a strong placement will give a huge boost any player's visibility in the social media scape, making an invite to these events extremely coveted by any person who wants to become noticed in the booming Fortnite scene. 

A hot topic of conversation by those interested in Fortnite's competitive scene is Epic's invite process for the Summer Skirmish. While they've separated their participants each week into two categories, "Invited by Epic" and "Solo Showdown High Performer", the public information about this process is severely limited.

After a bit of discussion with players in the pro Discord, we were able to discover a few things about the event's invite process.

Invites are sent out to pros and big streamers early in the week, usually around each Tuesday

These invites are usually sent early in the week so that Epic has an idea of how many of their invitees are able to attend the week's Skirmish. These invites can be turned down if the players are unavailable to attend. 

For duo competitions, invitees are required to invite their own partner. 

Sometimes, Epic might employ a rule or two when it comes to invites. For example, NICKMERCS has said during Week 3 that no console players were sent out invites. Week 6 is rumored to only have invited Content Creators and not pros. For the majority of people, this form of invite is quite unattainable, unless you're pulling in thousands of viewers on your stream a week.

As a side note, the guest commentator for the week is sent an invite around that time too. 

Solo Showdown high performers are given the chance to qualify for the week's Skirmish

Epic has constantly advertised that performing well in their Solo Showdowns is the key to getting invited to their Summer Skirmish. From our perspective, this seems to be the best way for unknowns and amateurs to make their name as well

Generally, usually 20-40% of each day's participants consist of Showdown high performers, with that percentage having been increased as the weeks have progressed. We can theorize (due to this article) that this has been happening because of how well some Showdown high performers like Atlantis Mitr0, NotVivid, Reverse2k, and Secret Domentos have been doing in these tournaments. 

However, it's needs to be pointed out that just doing well in a Showdown is not what gets you invited.

Showdown High Performers get added to an Epic run, invite-only Discord server which organizes qualification games, which have happened traditionally on Wednesday and Thursday. A lot of streamers (especially on the European side) tend to stream these when they're happening.

These qualification games actually feature that week's Summer Skirmish format which is given to the players in that Discord channel. The best performers during these qualification games are then invited to that week's Skirmish.

Something that remains unclear is whether or not a rejected invite gets sent to a shortlist of players, or if it opens up more spots for Showdown High performers. It's very possible that both might be the case.

As a final remark on the whole process - many of the players who get high placements in the Summer Skirmishes do so consistently. This would suggest that Fortnite is much less affected by random luck as many may believe. If you're gunning for one of these invites, or an invite for a future tournament - practice hard and do your best at the Solo Showdown LTMs. You'll never know what could happen in the future!

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