How to Unlock all Styles for the Fortnite Prisoner Skin

 • Jan 31, 2019

How to Unlock all Styles for the Fortnite Prisoner Skin

As of Week 9 of Season 7, you can unlock the Prisoner Outfit by completing 60 Weekly Challenges.

However, this isn't the final style for the outfit. Leaks have shown that there are a total of 4 styles for The Prisoner:

Unlocking the 4th Style:

As of today, the 4th and final style is now unlockable! You will have to just visit a ring of braziers on a hill to the northeast of Wailing Woods. You can see the location in this video: 

Unlocking the 3rd Style:

The 3rd Style is now unlockable! You can unlock it by lighting a campfire north of Paradise Palms while wearing the Prisoner outfit. Note that since all campfires can only be lit once, you might have to try several times to get the unlock off. Here's a video of the unlock:

Unlocking the 2nd Style:

@HeyStani on Twitter figured out how to unlock the 2nd style on Jan 31st, 2019:


To unlock it, you must be wearing the Prisoner Outfit when you queue into a game. You'll find a key inside the Polar Peak castle. Land on the very top, and run down one flight of stairs until you see a desk. You'll hear a noise coming from the desk where the key is floating. Search the key and you'll unlock the outfit!

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