X Marks the Spot Treasure - Fortnite Season 8 Secret?

 • Feb 28, 2019

X Marks the Spot Treasure - Fortnite Season 8 Secret?

UPDATE: These points have been revealed to be a part of a Leaked Battle Pass challenge. 

The following poem is built from all 4 teasers leading up to Season 8:

X Marks The Spot 
Treasure abound 
Loot that has been lost 
Can always be found. 
Sssomething shimmers Within the cave… 
But beware of those 
Who arrive on waves. 
Awaken beasts Of fire and ash 
Battle it out 
And loot the stash.  
Explore the world 
Challenge your fate 
Unearth the secrets 
Adventure awaits.  

It's unsure as to whether or not these came with the Season 8 update, but there are a few markers added to the map, marking North, South, East, West. These markers have been placed at the Northern/Southern/Eastern/Western most points on the island.  Here are some screenshots:





If you were to draw a line to connect the adjacent directions, you get an X on the map.

An X on the map. 

It appears that the intersection of the lines mark a spot in Tilted Towers - interesting, it marks the spot where the 26th and final fissure started. 


However, upon visiting the area, it appears there's nothing happening yet... 

We're not sure if this is actually something that needs to be watched or if it's entirely a red herring, but there've been some interesting coincidences, and we wonder if this might lead to something in a future patch version. It would be extremely cool if Epic had a sort of scavenger hunt planned for the season. It could also be that we haven't yet unlocked a particular skin that we need to unearth the treasure.

Until we find out more information, what do you guys think of this theory? Did we miss something? Drop us a line on Twitter @FNMasterCom!

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