Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 v12.30 What Changed - Crash Pad, Kingsman Umbrella, and more

 • 3月 31, 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 v12.30 What Changed - Crash Pad, Kingsman Umbrella, and more

Epic Games has yet to unvault the most important item of all... Patch notes. So, here you can find our breakdown of what's new and what's fixed. v12.30 brings some useful new Items to Battle Royale, with the addition of Crash Pads and the Kingsman Umbrella!

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What’s New

Crash Pad

The Crash Pad is a new Item of the Rare (Blue) Rarity which functions as a mobile trampoline, allowing players to save themselves from fall damage, and gain some extra mobility. Your momentum increases as you jump on a Crash Pad, sending you higher into the air each time.


Kingsman Umbrella

The Kingsman Umbrella is a new Item of the Legendary (Gold) Rarity which functions similar to the Lightsaber from the Fortnite X Star Wars crossover event. It can deflect enemy bullets and deals 50 damage per hit.


What’s Fixed


  • Tournament scores are visually incorrect in Lobby and in-match.

Battle Royale

  • Unintentional Carry or Shakedown on controller. (PLEASE READ UPDATE.)
  • Spy Games: Stuck on "Select Tech" screen.
  • Style selections for certain Locker items not saving.
  • Harpoon Gun not catching loot consistently.
  • Auto Pick Up not functioning properly.
  • Deadpool Plunger not visible on 4:3 aspect ratio.


  • Billboard Settings do not save when copied.
  • Interactive UI not functioning properly when using the Quick Menu on mobile.

Save the World

  • Cosmetics may not load properly for players when joining a mission.
  • Defender Eliminations do not count towards quest credit.
  • Spawn rate for Love Lobbers is too high during encounters.
  • Love Lobbers' projectiles are able to damage player built structures.


  • Shadows darker than expected.
  • Black Bar displayed on Note 10+.
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